Shebada & Delcita extend Double Toonie Special

Don't miss Paul O. Beale’s hilarious play, The Politicians.  The play captures the comedic essence of political campaigning in Jamaica. It is a microcosm of what has been happening on the political landscape over the past 50 years in Jamaica.

Beale states, “As a person who is as old as Independent Jamaica, I have seen the politics unfold over the years. I was there during the days of Bustamante (though very young), Seaga, Manley, Shearer, PJ, Portia, and Andrew. I have seen the extremes; I have seen transformations and fundamental legislative changes and social upheavals that now define the nation. It is with all these ‘wonderful’ experiences that I was able to pen this play. I hope it is enjoyed by all who care to attend.”

Shebada, Delcita, and the cast of The Politicians have extended the Double Toonie Special. We don't want you to miss this wonderful play….Instead of 1 Toonie we will give you 2 Toonies if you buy a ticket online. Hurry, because this special ends soon.

Get this 2-Toonie Special and $ave $4 on each ticket !!



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