Don’t Let the White Girl Win: Unlike self-help guides of the past, this guide is part memoir, part satire and part humorous cultural analysis

While pursuing a degree in psychology, Stephanie Small discovered a love for writing and an affinity for giving good advice. A former social work counselor, she is currently a certified trainer and college lecturer with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in the Arts.

A woman of the world (Canadian-bred with West Indian roots, now living and loving in New York); Stephanie works as a Professional-Development Coach and Training Strategist specializing in Adult Education. Her life’s goal is to educate individuals on how to overcome their fears and discover their own personal power. Known as the Super Sistah in the Blogosphere Stephanie writes a successful blog @

“I picked up and read Don't Let the White Girl Win from cover-to-cover in a single night. The contents made me gasp, shake my head and laugh out loud. If you want a boot camp approach to dating, then pick up this bold, brash and brutal relationship and how-to guide.” —YVONNE HARRIOTT, Author of Cat 'N Mouse and Hide 'N Seek.

“A Hot Mess is what the relationship situation is like for Black Americans and no one knows it better than Stephanie Small; providing hilarious honesty and tantalizing truths she lays out your game plan like a Football coach in the crucial last quarter. The Bill Belichick of Booty, her book reads like a virtual training camp for getting yours.  Don't Let The White Girl Win is definitely a must for stepping up your relationship game.”  —RAJEN PERSAUD, Author of Why Black Men Love White Women.

Don't Let The White Girl Win. Unlike self-help guides of the past, this guide is part memoir, part satire and part humorous cultural analysis. The premise of the book is that the white girl isn't the cause of black women's dating challenges, she's the competition! As such, if Love is War, May The Best Woman Win! This new take on self-help for single sisters promises black women that after a controversial and comical read, that they will cross the finish line first. 



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