Dominica’s PM Supports Teaching BLACK HISTORY in Schools

At the opening ceremony of Black History Week, Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit declared library week opened and welcomed suggestions to introduce Black History as a secondary school subject.
The Prime Minister said the initiative should be taken by individual schools to incorporate the subject in the schools’ curriculum.

Dominica - PM

Dominica’s PM, Roosevelt Skerrit

“On the issue of teaching of black history at the schools, the authority is in the hands of the teachers and parents. It doesn’t have to take a directive from myself as the Prime Minister or the Minister for Education to instruct this. It has to be a call on the decision by the school system and they have my full support to introduce black history at the secondary school.”

Meanwhile Hon. Skerrit appealed to the students present at the ceremony to take time to read more.
“Too many of us do not read in Dominica so when you listen to the talk shows for example, every caller calls to react to what the previous caller has said, not to draw to our attention something that he has read and he would like to educate the masses.”

The Prime Minister advised the students that a wider knowledge gained from reading will assist them in differentiating between news and gossip and fact and fiction. “Those who are supposed to educate us through the mass media themselves are not reading and if you’re not reading how are you going to educate us. So as students these are the things that you have to look at. How do you differentiate fact from fiction? How do you differentiate news from gossip?”
The Prime Minister said that being well-read will allow one to make meaningful contributions to discussions.




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