Do You have to chemically treat your hair?

Do I have to chemically treat my hair to show its beauty?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the popular hair treatments, as well as their pros and cons, let’s know our hair better.

Hair Basics

Do You have to chemically treat your hair?Our hair’s structure can be divided into two parts: the follicle underneath the skin and the shaft that are visible. Follicle contains several layers and it’s shaped like a finger sticking out. This projection is what we call as papilla and it contains capillaries to feed the cells while underneath the hair, a faintly swollen structure called the bulb is present. Hair shaft, on the other hand, is made from dead protein called keratins and contain pigments cells that gives your hair a characteristic color. As for sebum, it is produced on the scalp that acts a natural treatment to condition your hair.

Hair Treatments in Rage

Hair treatments are available in various kinds to suit your needs that are ranging from styling (can be either permanent or semi – permanent) and correcting hair conditions that are typically full of synthetic chemicals.

Do You have to chemically treat your hair?

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For example, chemical relaxers use formaldehyde to straighten out your hair, making it sleek and shiny. As opposed to relaxers, permanent waves are used to curl your hair and traditionally, it’s not recommended if you have already chemically relaxed your hair.

Hair treatments for healing any damages to your hair are also available, such as deepconditioning treatments which aim at nourishing as well as conditioning your hair and prevent them from breakage while anti – dandruff treatments is for the severe case of dandruff.

Are They Really Any Good For Our Hair?

Your hair is fragile and with these hair treatments, you actually subject the keratins and follicle to excessive heat and chemicals. What more! With the environment that we live inthat is not as healthy as it used to be—you might cause your hair more harm than good. Though treatments and chemicals might make your hair look great initially, they will only snatch away the natural lustre of your hair in the long run and can even lead to profuse hair loss.

Apart from affecting our hair, they are often expensive and can also scorch a big hole in your pocket. The salons, where these hair treatments are mostly carried out, often suffer with sanitation issues or improper cleaning methods. This will only invite infections that often lead to fungal infections, which deteriorate the condition of your hair instead of enhancing it.

Thus you need to take a lot into consideration before undergoing chemical– intense treatments. To be safe, it’s better to reserve special hair treatments for special occasion.

How to Look After Your Hair Without Harming It

There are many hair treatments that you can do right in the comfort of your home. Shampooing hair regularly with natural hair products keeps your hair healthy. A mixture of gooseberry, Chinese soapberry and berries of Acacia conccina, soaked in water overnight, acts as a natural hair cleanser and is free of the harmful side effects of a chemical cosmetic. Using coconut oil is very much nourishing, heal any damages to your hair and keep them shiny and healthy.

To put in perspective, you don’t really need chemicals for your hair as your natural beauty shows up just as well. Although tempting, these hair treatments are better off for a very special occasion where your natural hair just won’t do enough.

Do you think that perms and straighteners are beneficial for your everyday use? Tell us whether you think that they define beauty and self-esteem.

By Liya Das



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