Destiny… A film that shines a positve light on Caribbean Life

Jamaican born Jeremy Whittaker released his award winning film, Destiny, in the UK. on August 7, 2015. After a successful run in the US and Canada, he is expecting tremendous support from moviegoers in the UK.

Destiny premiere

Guests in the UK enjoying themselves at the Premiere of Destiny on Friday, August,7 2015

At a very well attended premiere at Vue Cinema in London’s West End on Friday, 31st July, 2015, guests were quite pleased and expressed positive sentiments about the film. The movie will be shown to a national audience in the UK for the next three weeks of August at 16 Vue Cinemas, including Vue, Leeds the Light.  Read complete article here.

Destiny has the prestigious distinction of being named The Gleaner Honour Award for Entertainment. The film was shot in Jamaica with additional footage in Canada. Destiny chronicles the story of Lisa Pullen, played by lead actress Karian Sang, as she journeys to find herself following the death of her parents and a tumultuous break-up with her boyfriend.

destiny jamaican movieWith impressive cinematography and dynamic acting performances, Destiny offers a refreshing depiction of Jamaican life.

Jeremy Whittaker the Visionary

Jeremy Whittaker

Jeremy Whittaker – Photo courtesy of Jeremy Whittaker

He recently told the Voice that, “I wanted to make a feel-good film that portrays my home country in a positive light,” explains Jamaican-born Whittaker, who was recently in London for Destiny’s UK premiere at Vue, Leicester Square. “I feel there are too many films that focus on guns and violence, which is not the Jamaica I know.”

“I wanted to make a film that had themes that everyone could relate to. For example, the main character goes through a relationship break-up and is trying to find her place in the world.

“I also wanted to reflect the experiences of many people of Caribbean heritage – or others not living in their parents’ country of birth; wanting to discover or get back in touch with their roots,” he finally commented.

destiny moviegoers

Moviegoers in the UK enjoying Destiny

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By Karl A Haughton



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