Deon Silvera says Trevor brought out the best in me

deon silvera -1With over 30 years experience in theatre Deon Silvera has played a range of characters in various productions from Ecstasy to Scandal. This excellent Jamaican thespian has performed in numerous stage productions, in addition to movies, television sitcoms, radio drama and commercials (TV and radio). (Deon Silvera – image credit: Tallawah Magazine)

A three-time recipient of the prestigious Best Actress award — in 1995, 2011, and 2012 — Deon was recently inducted in the Caribbean Hall of Fame for outstanding achievements in theatre.

Her quest for theatre started after she received a scholarship to attend the School of Drama at the Edna Manley College of the Performing Arts in 1979. Prior to obtaining the scholarship, Deon was gearing to be a nurse or a school teacher.  She told a reporter, "Yuh know dem time deh, dem job deh a di job a di year," Jamaica Gleaner.

While pursuing her studies, her voice and speech teacher, Keith Noel, offered her a role in the play The Good Doctor, which he was directing. Subsequently, Deon’s theatre performances include some of the best productions to hit the Caribbean theatre scene:

Deon Silvera theatre credits E

Deon - DahliaWith her unmistakably husky voice, Silvera is one of Jamaica's hardest working thespians. A writer from the Jamaica Gleaner stated that, “Jamaica's theatre landscape has necessitated that theatre professionals, even very good ones, find a nine to five to complement their income. Silvera is one of the few who has managed to avoid the nine to five grind.” (Deon and Dahlia Harris – Image credit: Tallawah Magazine)

deon - oliverDeon has worked with many of Jamaica’s most successful and acclaimed theatre professionals such as Oliver Samuels, Trevor Nairne, David Heron, Stages Productions, Aston Cooke, Basil Dawkins, Ginger Knight, Dahlia Harris, and Michael Denton. She attributes her success to the teachings of Trevor Nairne and Oliver Samuels. (Deon and Oliver – image credit:

Deon told Tanya Baston-Savage of the Jamaica Gleaner that, "I've done just about every role, but mi prefer sumtin’ weh a go go eena mi soul and tek out everything."  For that reason she is quite attached to the play Ecstasy and director Trevor Nairne. Silvera pointed out that with Ecstasy, written by David Heron, her character, Jewel, demanded a range that saw her moving from playing a go-go dancer to a business professional.

Deon - Ecstasy 1

"The kind of range I got I never knew I had in me," she says. "Trevor (Nairne) brought out the best in me," Jamaica Gleaner.

Deon states that her success as an actress is garnered by the strength of her loving family, she says, "I’ve been very lucky to be blessed with the kind of family I have," Tallawah Magazine.

See Deon in Michael Denton’s highly acclaimed Scandal — Visit: for details, she urges you to do so and says, "go jine di line."

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By: Karl Haughton



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