Delcitaa visits the DMV with Border Patrol Part 2

Delcitaa visits the DMV with Border Patrol Part 2

Andrea Wright as the Police Corporal

About Border Patrol 2

In this stageplay, the audience finds that the newly portrayed character of Delcitaa (formerly Delcita) abandons her painted black face and rotten teeth for a more modern look – the true and new Delcitaa Wright performs as a police corporal who gets kicked out of the security force in this comedic play. The play captivates its audience with scandalous, traitorous and suspenseful scenes that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat and in stitches with laughter.

“Border Patrol” [is] the play with thorough laughter that has as many curves and turns as Fern Gully.” – Michael Reckord, theatre practitioner of the Gleaner.

Delcitaa Border Patrol Part 2 features Christopher McFarlane, Gertrude Campbell, Deon Silvera, Ruschiene Deidrick, and of course the one and only Andrea “Delcitaa” Wright.

The play has been circulating across popular theatre stages in Jamaica since last year, but now has been making its appearances internationally. Based on popular demand, Delcitaa Border Patrol Part 2 will be playing on Sunday, October 8th, 2017 at the North Western High School in Hyattsville, Maryland. Get more information here.

About Andrea “Delcitaa” Wright

If you live in Jamaica or have attended an internationally acclaimed Jamaican play worldwide, you have been exposed to the prominent Jamaican actor that is Delcitaa.

Delcitaa visits the DMV with Border Patrol Part 2

Andrea Wright

Andrea hails from the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica where she was born on Christmas Day,  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Guidance and Counselling from the Northern Caribbean University. She was good at what she did and gave it her all – so much so that others noticed; the Ministry of Education commissioned her to train high school teachers across Jamaica in the art of psychological training.

Andrea is also a renowned actress and her theatre accolades are quite venerable.  She has played leading roles in First Aid Awareness by Trevor Rhone, Di Driva, Extortionists, Money Worries, The Plumber, and Ova Mi Dead Body. She also acted in and produced University of Delcita, Miss Elsayda, The Politicians, Court House Drama and Border Patrol 2.

 “Producing is not for the weak. You feel the lashes burning, for theatre is extremely unpredictable.” – Andrea Wright with the Jamaica Gleaner.

Andrea has written the scripts for Miss Elsayda, Border Patrol and the sequel Border Patrol 2. She has toured worldwide performing in Canada, England, the Caribbean, and the United States. She was dubbed Actress of the Year in 2012 by the Jamaica Gleaner’s Youthlink.

About Deon Silvera

Delcitaa visits the DMV with Border Patrol Part 2Deon Silvera, who was born in St. Mary, Jamaica, has been no stranger to the theatre stage and is featured in Delcitaa’s Border Patrol Part 2, which is coming to Maryland in October. She does not just limit herself to one acting genre, but has appeared in television shows, stage productions, movies, commercials (both TV and radio) and radio dramas. She has worked with Blue Mountain Productions, Aston Cooke Productions, Ginger Knight Productions, David Heron Productions, Dahlia Harris Productions, Ellis International Productions, Basil Dawkins Productions and the list goes on.

She has acted mostly under the direction of Stages Productions. Some of her performances include Ecstasy, Back-a-Yard, Strength of a Woman, Serious Business, Bashment Granny, Big Tree Small Axe, Scandal, and Jamaica 50 To Rahtid.  Deon has a gift for bringing life to any character she portrays and was awarded the Best Actress for years 1995, 2011 and 2012. She has been inducted into the Caribbean Hall of Fame for her contribution to theatre.

About David Tulloch

Bad Breed, David Tulloch’s hit play makes international debut in Baltimore, Maryland

David Tulloch

David Tulloch possesses qualities that make him one of the best playwrights and producers in Jamaican theatre. He has additionally stated his claim as an actor, theatre manager, director and set designer. He has produced many plays including For My Daughter, Trust and Call to the Cross, White Roses, Boiling Point, Bangarang, Not My Child, Prayer Partner, Another Time, Second Chance, Risque and Border Patrol among others. He has also acted and written a few plays, but his experience far surpasses his age. Like a fine wine, Tulloch has been able to develop as a contributor to the arts over the years; his audience noticed the maturity exhibited in his productions as the years pass.

David founded JamStage Productions and Probemaster Entertainment and has conceptualized over twelve plays since the start of his career. Winning four Thespy awards and the Actor Boy Awards for Best New Jamaican Play, amid other awards in recognition for his dedication and talent.

By Alexandra Daley



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