Dean Bartley, striving for excellence in the multimedia industry

“Find what you love. Put your all into it and make it something that will work for you because there is no failure unless you quit.” – Dean Bartley

Dean Bartley, striving for excellence in the multimedia industry

Multimedia entrepreneur and photographer Dean Bartley has been conceptualizing and editing breath-taking photographs for persons who want to enhance their image. However, over the years, while his portfolio has been praised by many, on the other hand, he has gotten negative labels which have caused him to grow nonetheless.

Bartley grew up in a single-parent maternal household which presented some unjust circumstances and stereotypes, but he has not let it influence his success.

Many people did not expect much of him, much less for him to perform on par with his peers who were more privileged than he was. He made the conscious decision to get out of the rut that was engulfing his life; he was on a mission to not only make himself proud but to make his mother’s sacrifices not go in vain.

In light of the opinions of his social environment growing up, he has branded a company after his name, Dean Bartley, solely because he wanted to prove the persons, who never thought he would amount to anything, wrong; he wanted to make a name for himself.

He attended the University of the West Indies (UWI) and pursued a degree in Information Technology. However, he always wanted to create and show his creative side, so he joined the photography club at UWI, but he couldn’t afford a camera at the time so that was put on the ‘back burner’. He continued his journey, but the thirst for creating kept coming to the forefront, and eventually he bought himself his first DSLR camera two years ago. Thus he started teaching himself, watching Youtube videos on photography which further helped build his passion and appreciation for the art.

Building a career in the art industry as a photographer, he used the negative labels to fuel his passion, upgrade his certifications in the field and establish a business in photography. He has worked with various brands and young professionals as well as explore his creative side.

Dean Bartley, striving for excellence in the multimedia industry

“My company offers photography, graphic design, website design, and videography, but so far we are focused on photography and web design. Most of my clients are startup companies. My slogan is “Let me upgrade your image” and when I say image it is not necessarily your picture but in terms of your brand. I have positioned my company to help individuals and companies to do so and I have overseas clients as well.” Dean Bartley told

In five years he wants to leave his nine to five job and be a major contributor to the multimedia or website design industry. Moreover, by this time he should have built his reputation in such a positive way that his work will speak for itself. He has always wanted to distribute his Jamaican landscape photos as he believes it is an ever-evolving thing for him.

For more information and to follow him on his journey or purchase some of his work, he can be contacted on his website and various social media platforms.

By Alexandra Daley



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