Cuba and Vietnam consider joint projects for Cuban tourism

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — Vietnamese and Cuban business people in the construction industry are currently exploring opportunities for joint projects to expand the island’s tourist infrastructure. 
During a business forum held on Monday in Havana, as part of the 30th Cuba-Vietnam Intergovernmental Forum, officials of both countries addressed their advancements and priorities in the construction sector.
The director of tourist works at the Cuban Construction Ministry, Antonio Medina, briefed the Vietnamese visitors on the most recent projects implemented on the island to increase the capacity of the local tourist sector.
Medina stressed as a priority the setting up of golf courses with associated real estate projects, as well as the expansion of important tourist centres, such as Varadero, Trinidad and Holguin.
The director of the International Cooperation Department with Vietnam’s Construction Ministry, Pham Kham Toan, thanked the Cuba side for the first-hand information on the Cuban tourist sector and stressed that the forum allows Vietnamese entrepreneurs to consider the island’s necessities and contribute ideas on how to support local efforts.
The Vietnamese executive said that the current session of the forum will pave the way for agreements in tourism and other areas, such as communications, healthcare, biotechnology and agriculture.
The forum was organized by the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and the Vietnamese Commercial Office in Havana, with the attendance of executives from the Cuban Tourism Ministry, the Construction Entrepreneurial Group, the Architectural Projects Company and other entities.



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