Cornwall Broadcasting Company Launches Mello TV in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Cornwall Broadcasting Company Launches MELLO TELEVISION in fine style… Major launch in Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay Jamaica November 6, 2015

Mello Television has officially launched its operations, first in Kingston on Friday October 30-2015, at Mandela Park in Kingston Jamaica. Friday November 6-2015 marks the company’s second launch in its hometown of Montego Bay. The Cornwall Broadcasting team planned two launches one for the capital city of Kingston where Mello Television has offices as well.

Mello TVAs at Friday November 6 -2015, as the final launch will mark the official beginning of MELLO TV rolling out its programming to the nation and the globe.  The national television landscape of Jamaica will forever be changed. The date marks the start of official transmission by Cornwall Broadcasting Limited; through its revolutionary medium Mello Television. Mello Television will be is the first nationally broadcasting TV station to be started in the nation’s second city.

According to the company’s ownership Cornwall Broadcasting Company, a unique approach to its delivery, also entails the Cornwall Broadcasting Company owning all its servers and its digital platforms. Chief Executive Officer of the Mello entity, Al Robinson is confident that this will ensure Mello Television’s ability to broadcast to unlimited viewers.

He adds that this will not only be a national aim, but says his team is aggressively going after regional and international viewership. This will extend to all global fans of brand Jamaica as well as the multiple millions that make up the Caribbean Diaspora.

Mello Television’s inevitable incarnation will be a free to air as at 2018. The work has already begun and continues assiduously through the roll out of Mello Television on a variety of platforms.

Mello Television is a fully digital content disseminator, out flowing content both local and international in pure High Definition.

As at June 2015 the company perfected its Mello Digital app, which is a free downloadable app for Android phones, Apple devices, Smart TVs, Tablets, Laptops and desktop Computers.

The app represented the first wave of Mello Television’s take over leading into its October and November launch dates.

The Cornwall Broadcasting Company is also partnering with cable companies to make Mello Television and its offerings available to all of Jamaica – before the official free to air switch over via FTA-DTV in 2018.

Mello TV wants content consumers, to receive new and different programming that will incorporate news, sports , weather, entertainment, lifestyle, movies, current affairs programmes, documentaries and several new style of programmes not being done by other national free to air operators,.

The company’s tag line is Mello TV …Everywhere.

Currently as well as downloading the app, consumers can see Mello TV’s test transmissions leading to its official launch, or view the station on… or Cornwall Cable 112.

The Cornwall Broadcasting Company is encouraging people to request Mello TV from their cable service providers.



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