Conversation with the devil

Conversation with the devil


The devil himself came knocking on my door. He said, “come here little girl, it’s time we settle the score.
Let’s see if you have what it takes
to take this journey that you’re about to make.
You’ve come a long way, but yes, there’s still more.
Remember the race is not for the swift,
But do you have the strength to endure

I took your father when you were young.
Innocence lost, on the tip of your tongue.
I wanted to take your life,
But instead, I took the life of your son.

Left you feeling empty, when no one else was around.
Yet, you withstood and held it down.
So you think you’ve won,
And you say you got big things to do
Lol… I’m here to let you know that I’m not finished with you.

It seems as if you’re still lost, head stuck in a sand,
Or just deaf, dumb and blind
Haven’t you figured it out yet?
After all this time
It’s just a game, an illusion
It’s called the battle field of the mind

Unless you choose to get up and fight
Sooner or later
I’m gonna take your life
The deck you fool will always be stacked against you
And as the house of cards starts to cave in
You better learn to fight or you’ll never win

Hold up devil, this is where the buck stops
You’ve tried to steal my dreams
Yes, that is a fact,
but the time has come
And now I’m ready take them back

Give me back my joy that you stole so long ago
I’m taking off the mask; I’m tired of putting on a show
I’m finally ready and willing to let it all go

I’m giving you back the monkey that was strapped on my back
So you better watch your step because from now on you’re the one that’s going to be under attack!
Warning, warning, warning…
If you don’t leave me alone,
I’m gonna give you three kicks and two box!

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 20152612
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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