Compete Caribbean and Branson Centre partner to boost entrepreneurship in the region

HASTINGS, Barbados — Compete Caribbean Program (CCP) and The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to partner and establish the Branson Centre Compete Caribbean Entrepreneurship Initiative.

The initiative will combine the Centre’s effective methodology of fostering entrepreneurs into successful businesses and CCP’s technical knowledge and expertise of the region to establish an innovative network that supports young Caribbean entrepreneurs. 
The joint initiative between CCP and the Branson Centre will comprise four elements: A regional mentorship network, an e-learning training platform, Entrepreneurship 101 weekend workshops in Barbados, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago and a Business Pitch Competition to access investment. 
The regional network will consist of renowned business men and women providing support and advice to selected entrepreneurs. The e-learning training platform will provide wide access to knowledge on key areas of business management. At the weekend workshops, participants will engage in interactive sessions that deal with the fundamentals of how to run a business. 
The final element is the Business Pitch Competition, in which high potential entrepreneurs from the weekend workshops will be selected to pitch their business plans to a panel of international and regional investors.
“At the Branson Centre we truly believe that entrepreneurship is the engine of growth for the Caribbean economy. We are excited to partner with Compete Caribbean in supporting the development of entrepreneurs throughout the region,” said Lisa Lake, chief entrepreneurship officer at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean. 
“Compete Caribbean is extremely excited to be partnering with the Branson Centre. We believe that the youth in the Caribbean region are an untapped resource which has tremendous potential to contribute positively to private sector development and ultimately economic growth. The partnership represents for us a chance to collaborate with global leaders in entrepreneurial business development, to bring to the region a new methodology on how to foster young entrepreneurs,” said Claudia Stevenson executive director, Compete Caribbean.



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