When It Comes to Beauty and Fashion, Make an Eye-Catching Statement

Change is the only constant for Millennials in the beauty and fashion world, suggests a recent survey. Millennial women, ages 18 to 29, feel empowered to embrace change and showcase a variety of colors when it comes to their appearance.

Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and Fashion

The survey, conducted by Alcon and Kelton Global, found that Millennial women are more inclined to pull fresh trends and colors into their beauty and fashion selections – a departure from the more simple styles embraced by Generation X. With over half of Millennials describing their style as always changing, this bold new take allows for a great deal of freedom and flexibility in personal expression.

Color is one of the major factors that allows these Millennials to stand out and express themselves. In the survey, 71 percent of women stated that adding color to their look is one of the most effective ways to showcase their personality.

Additionally, more than 60 percent of Millennials believe that using different colors can enhance their natural look and boost their confidence. And empowerment is a major factor in all this change, according to the survey, which revealed young women view enhancements to their appearance as both an empowering and fundamental part of their style.

Enhancing your look is an opportunity to showcase your colorful personality. With these ideas for taking your appearance to the next level, you can forget all of the rules and embrace the trend of simply expressing yourself. Learn more here www.airoptixcolors.com.

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