Comedian Lemon Sets to Enthrall Patrons in The Thriller of the Year

Leon ‘Lemon’ Parkins hails from Montego Bay, Jamaica and has a passion for comedy. During his youthful days in Jamaica Lemon used the various disparities of life to bring smiles to many faces. “Making people laugh was just something I enjoyed doing, and then it hit me unexpectedly, I am a Comedian,” says Lemon

He will be performing live in, The Thriller of the Year, on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at Beltsville High school in Beltsville, Maryland, along with Ragashanti, Jamaican Michael Jackson, Granny, and Prettyboy Floyd. This event promises to be the best comedic experience in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area (DMV) for 2014.

Lemon 2His professional career began when he performed in the play, Lime and Lemon, in 2001. His excellent display of talent and humor allowed him to travel around the island to the delight of appreciative audiences. He got his big break in 2005 when he appeared on the popular, Laugh out Loud. Subsequently, his popularity increased and ushered him into major performances in the popular Ellis International production, Comedy Crack Up, and Cum Mek We Laugh. Some of his very popular performances were in More Passa Passa, Bad Mind, Sum Man Fi Get Bun, and Crazy Landlord.

Internationally, Lemon has been in great demand and has performed in the Caribbean, U.K., U.S.A, and Canada. In 2006 he was nominated for best Comedian in England.

Apart from his comedic roles, Lemon is a sought after master of ceremonies (MC) and singer. He admires Maxwell Grant, whom he thinks is one of Jamaica’s best actors and strives to become as successful as Steve Harvey, from the U.S.

When asked what he enjoys doing during his spare time Lemon said, “Eating my favorite meal of rice and peas and pork, with lots of lemonade, and enjoy some clean and smoke free Jamaican air.”

Lemon is a fervent lover of comedy and learns from every show that he does, he also learns a lot from watching comedy on television and partaking in karaoke. “My passion is really comedy. I enjoy what I do to the max and I believe in myself. My greatest joy is when I’m performing, I love to see people cracking up and enjoying them self,” Lemon said.

He aspires to have his own television show and dedicates himself to please audiences with his wit and theatrical performances. “Nothing comes easy; without hard work and dedication I cannot garner the support that will propel me to become successful,” Lemon gleefully said.

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By: Karl A. Haughton



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