Cleveland Wedemire and Fire Mondays continue to Feed Up the Homeless in Washington, DC

Jamaican native is motivated to help in feeding the homeless and inspires others to join in the effort

Cleveland Wedemire and Fire Mondays continue to Feed Up the Homeless in Washington, DC

Fire Mondays Volunteers ready to serve meals to the homeless in Washington, DC

Fire Mondays Inc. is a registered non-profit organization in Washington, DC which was founded in December 2015, by Cleveland Wedemire. The number one goal of the seven-member board of directors is to efficiently and exclusively feed the homeless in the DMV and surrounding areas.The feeding activities are held at 425 2nd St, NW, Washington. D.C. and more than 125 persons are fed at each event.

Cleveland Wedemire and Fire Mondays continue to Feed Up the Homeless in Washington, DC

Cleveland Wedemire

Cleveland Wedemire states, “Hopefully we can move to our own building, expand to more feeding location/ feeding more people.  I grew up with my aunt who always fed neighbors in need.  My thought on homelessness is that I just want to help as much as I can.”

This organization is actively developing strategies to effectively benefit their efforts to provide healthy meals for the homeless. Some of the plans which have already been implemented include fundraising activities, actively contacting local businesses for monetary donations, cooking supplies, paper goods, as well as eating utensils.

The organization also has a volunteer recruitment drive which is regularly reviewed to support the goals the organization. The recruitment drive includes proper training of the volunteers so that adequate support is available to meet the feeding schedule.

“Our volunteers assist in all aspects of the feeding activity—Feed Up Movements. Meal planning and meal preparation consume a significant amount of time during the day to day operations. Volunteers also help in setting up, serving meals, as well as clean-up duties. Volunteers assist special needs individuals who join the feed-up line.” –Fire Mondays, Inc.

The Organization is committed to offering a diverse menu—which can be challenging at times; however, because of the passion of its directors, and the overwhelming growing need to have hungry people fed, the organization is dedicated to making this dream a reality.

The organization has established benchmarks for its Feed Up Movements activities as well as quality indicators to evaluate its performance. The last feeding day for 2017 is Sunday, December 31.

Learn more at or call 202.706.0645

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