Claire Renee, more than just an artiste

“You have time. Honestly, enjoy your youth, your life, and your journey. Where you are supposed to be is where you are supposed to be… Be able to slow down and give yourself flowers when you can, you’re doing a lot and you’re doing well, honour that journey.” – Claire Renee with The Caribbean Current.

Claire Renee, more than just an artiste

Claire Renee

Claire as a Well-Rounded Person

She isn’t just a singer; this well-rounded gem is also a dancer, songwriter, and SoulCycle Instructor. Claire is a trained dancer, having realized her talents from the tender age of four. She received a scholarship from the Dance Theatre of Harlem where she studied ballet, jazz, and tap dancing. Her whole childhood basically revolved around dancing, and she recalls becoming a bit frustrated in her teen years when she did auditions, realizing that she was still not getting the ‘attention’ she needed as a  dancer. It was at that stage of her life that she changed her perspective and was more open-minded to other’s experiences.

“I remember being 16 and getting so frustrated with my journey and things taking longer than they should. I didn’t think about how young I was in a room full of twenty to thirty-year-olds trying to pay their rent. I was getting upset that I wouldn’t get certain things, but I had to put that into perspective and [remember] I‘m still 16, there is no rush in life.” – Claire Renee with The Caribbean Current.

She auditioned to be a part of a prestigious dance troupe when she was a senior in high school, and they picked two of them from her school’s dance programme to audition. Although she wasn’t selected, she feels it is her most memorable achievement to date and the troupe still keeps their connection with her.

Later on, when she graduated from the Professional Performing Arts School, she began exploring the avenue of singing. She did gain some experience in music when she was a child, nonetheless, but she didn’t take it seriously.

“I figured that I didn’t want to go to college for dance. I figured that I had been dancing so long that I got used to it so I had an advantage and I could always dance outside of a school setting after I graduated high school. I decided that I wanted to study music business; it came easily to me and over time I started discovering myself as an actual artist more so.” – Claire Renee exclusive interview with The Caribbean Current. 

She pursued a career as a musician majoring in Music Business then Vocal Performance in college. It was there she found her voice and blossomed like a rose from her safe place; however, she knew she wanted a career in music from as early as her junior year in high school. She never stopped studying music for herself, on her own time, to garner her strengths as an artist. Learning from different musicians, instruments and going to vocal coaching aided in crafting her talent as a singer.

“I realized that I had so much more to give. I also tapped into writing more and trusting that I do have a voice and I ended up focusing on my vocals and went to college for music in Boston and the new school for Jazz in Manhattan.” – Claire Renee exclusive interview with The Caribbean Current.

Claire found a way to make a living that doesn’t confine her to the typical 9-5 job. As someone who works in the fitness field, she has mastered time management by being a full-time fitness instructor, dancer, and artist.

“Even when I did have a job where I would be working hours on end, it’s really just dedicating what you want within yourself and making it happen. Sometimes it’s hard, especially when you work a long day and you feel like you have no energy, but you should still find time to do things that are important to you.” – Claire Renee exclusive interview with The Caribbean Current.

Speaking of full-time jobs, she works for SoulCycle, which is an indoor fitness programme where persons come to work-out to the beat of a variety of music while cycling against resistance. She feels that SoulCycle allows her to inspire people in a safe space and unique atmosphere while exercising – she emphasizes that SoulCycle is not the same as spinning.

In the future, she desires to pick up acting as a skill and she is interested in helping other artistes, coming from dancing or singing, so she is contemplating starting an agency or anything she can do to help them to be their best.

“Coming from either a dance space or a musical space is not easy for us.  A lot of people make it look easy or a lot of people look into what we do and think it’s just Instagram and fun, but it’s not. So later on in life, I want to be able to tackle a way to educate artistes and help them to be better.” – Claire Renee with The Caribbean Current.

Claire as a Fun Loving Millennial

Claire Renee, more than just an artiste

Claire Renee

Claire finds the time to enjoy life and all that it has to offer. Since she moved to Los Angeles, she enjoys going to the beach and listening to a wide variety of old and new music, as well as, movies and taking it all in.  She finds herself inspired by watching great movies.

Her Caribbean roots are something that she holds dear to her heart as her grandmother, who helped raise her, was from St. Croix of the US Virgin Islands. Growing up with her single mother and with her grandmother played a pivotal role in Claire’s life. Due to her upbringing, she believes that is where her discipline and understanding of life stems from.

She finds great strength in her mother, who is her role model. Her mother’s independence and support is something she admired and allowed Claire to live her life the way she wanted to. Claire, in turn, wants to mirror her mother in having those qualities in which she respects and hopes to be able to pass that down to her children.

“I want to be able to know that I did well enough or I taught well enough, to be able to have that relationship with my child and it not be a fight and that there is actually a genuine relationship.” – Claire Renee with The Caribbean Current.

By Alexandra Daley



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