Christopher Martin – One of Jamaica’s rising stars

Christopher Martin - One of Jamaica's rising stars

Making his debut on Digicel’s Rising Star competition, winner of the 2005 season, Christopher Martin serenaded the hearts of millions of Jamaicans and with that melodious voice made his name in the music industry, both locally and internationally. 

Martin is known for his songs “Take My Wings”, “Giving It” and “I’ll Be Your Driver” and his debut single ‘Love is all We Need’ in a promotional campaign he took part in back in 2005. He has ground breaking hits such as ‘Giving It’, ‘Jamaican Girls’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Take my Wings’, and ‘Man A Gallis’, and most recently ‘Cheaters Prayer’ to name a few.

Managed at Big Yard Music Group by Kingy, Martin’s musical talent has grown significantly as he lives out his passion to be one of the most influential musical entities in his genre while also pursuing a career in Business Management and Accounting at the University of Technology in Jamaica.

Christopher Martin born on February 14, 1987 in St. Catherine, Jamaica is a graduate from St. Jago High School in Spanish Town where his love for dramatic Arts, Sports & Music grew.

He epitomizes what it means to be headstrong and determined in whatever it is one wants to do with life and swears by the motto of dreaming big, which is evident in his career path and aspirations.

Christopher Martin - One of Jamaica's rising stars

Christopher has collaborated with local artistes and aspires to work with those international, however, has worked with producers in the dancehall and reggae genre known worldwide such as Robert Livingston, Christopher Birch and Shane Brown, to name a few.  Back in 2008, he was given the opportunity to perform ‘One night with Michael Bolton’ and he also performed at the 2008 Air Jamaica Jazz Festival.

Again in 2008 he was nominated for numerous awards including, ‘The Jamaica Observer Teenage Choice Awards’ and ‘Excellence in Music and Entertainment’, an achievement which has secured permanence in his art. With the popularity of his music being aired during drive-time radio and the Jamaican music charts, Christopher Martin is optimistic about his career in music, “It has been a wonderful journey so far, filled with new and promising encounters.  It is also challenging but I love what I am doing, so it makes it that much easier” he admits.

His passion for music and steadfastness will only blossom with time, as with the support from everyone he comes in contact with, including his producers, family, friends and God, he continues to set the bar higher towards achieving greatness.

Alexandra Daley. (TCC)



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