Christina Roshay, a Gospel Warrior

“My message to people is: No Giving Up. That’s the title of one of my songs and I firmly believe in it. I really believe that we will go through things in this life: struggles, obstacles but I believe if we really just move by faith, if it is stick to it, faint not then God will at the end of the day be glorified. Sometimes it’s in our lowest periods that we really recognize how mighty God really is.” – Christina Roshay in an exclusive interview with The Caribbean Current.

Christina Roshay, a Gospel Warrior

Christina Roshay

When asked who is Christina Roshay in an interview held recently between The Caribbean Current and the budding singer/songwriter, she describes herself as a vibrant and creative individual, who loves God and is passionate about the welfare of people; who uses her music to connect with God and uplift people. This holds true as she is seen performing at many concerts as well as being a role model to many not only with her lyrics and passion for her faith, but her charm and unique personality.

“I may not have quantity in terms of support but I definitely have quality. My team is exceptional, true friends who are with me through thick and thin.” – Christina Roshay in an exclusive interview with The Caribbean Current.

While she, nonetheless, remains an inspiration to those who listen to her music, her biggest inspiration is her mother. She admits that she always taught her to go boldly for whatever she wanted as she lived by the Bible verse Philippians 4:13 and instilled it in Christina at a young age.

She first got into music when she linked with producer Rolando Blake when she sent him a voice note of her singing; he immediately accepted her talent and vision she revealed thus giving her the opportunity to fulfilling her dream. She first performed at an album launch where a church friend released an album and asked her to collaborate. She only skyrocketed from there as her accomplishments included nominations for some awards like best female vocalist, ‘Heart Clean’ as the best song in Antigua and the best female international artiste in the UK. She was also the Love Awards New Artiste of the Year for 2015.

Although Roshay has had many ups and downs she believed her most challenging was her first few performances prior to entering the industry where she believed that no one thought she could sing, worst she felt that she was not a frequent public speaker so she would cringe with nervousness. However, she overcame that, classifying that experience as one for growth which allowed her to bask in more rewarding moments knowing her songs were positively impacting lives.

Christina Roshay, a Gospel Warrior

Christina Roshay Ministering in song

“I believe my greatest accomplishment is actually putting out life changing music. It’s almost like another world when I’m on stage and I hear declarations that no matter what, they won’t give the glory Satan! Really have to give God glory for everything, without this none would be possible.” – Christina Roshay in an exclusive interview with The Caribbean Current.

She prides herself in her music always being positive as she continues and will always want to use her talents to inspire, increase faith and build God’s kingdom.

She has the greatest appreciation for all genres of music, but is particularly drawn to jazz, R&B, and Reggae alongside her passion for Gospel. She believes that she is able to “tell a story” so any genre which allows her to express herself and do just that comfortably she gravitates to.

She has found that social media has helped her launch her music and keep in contact with her fans; other than that she goes out and targets the masses on the ground. Although her social fame does directly affect how she sees herself she admits to seeing how influential she is in reaching those persons who listen to her music. She adds that she is very mindful of the message she portrays since she understands the growing influence she is as a budding star and role model to youth and adults alike and with purpose comes responsibility.

quote marksMy mantra is really the great commission to spread Christ’s teachings to all the nations of the world…..My music has allowed me to speak on issues affecting some group or another and I’m grateful for that opportunity. I do music with a message; that’s what you’ll realize even with newer songs coming out.” – Christina Roshay in an exclusive interview with The Caribbean Current.

While many of us wish that we could re-do some part of our life or re-live a great memory that is not the case for Christina. She would change nothing as her firm belief in God makes her believe that “everything works together for the good of those who love him…God has everything under control and I wouldn’t change anything and mess up my purpose.” She also finds that her creator as well as her manager (who is her best friend) helps her a lot in terms of balancing her life; making her see that perfection can arise from a seemingly horrible situation.

With an optimistic mindset and faith, Christina looks to the future with starry eyes as she prepares for the road ahead. She quotes the Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11 as she intends to produce more amazing tracks in light for being an ambassador for the Most High.

“Five years from now I see myself delving deeper in my ministry, having a deeper relationship with God, and just manifesting that through music especially.” – Christina Roshay in an exclusive interview with The Caribbean Current.

Christina Roshay, a Gospel Warrior

Christina is a very instrumental individual in the lives of many and her goals exude hope and support for those who are impacted by life’s stressors, which is very admirable. She will definitely remain an inspiration as she continues to chase her dreams as a child of God.

By Alexandra Daley



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