Chloe-Ana Shares Her Natural Hair Secrets

“I am a strong believer in growing and glowing through what you go through. Believe in the power of the journey!” – Chloe-Ana in an interview with The Caribbean Current.

Chloe-Ana Shares Her Natural Hair Secrets


With the turn of the natural hair phenomena, people are taking better care of their hair, ski, and health with respect to going green, eating healthy, and investing in their natural journey.

Chloe-Ana is a young, vibrant Jamaican who has been experimenting and mastering the art of how to care for her natural hair even though she has been natural for twenty years – her entire life!  Genuine, fun-loving persons like Chloe-Ana has been taking social media by storm with their passion for natural hair care and the overall journey to healthy hair.

Life for her isn’t only about hair and self-care and although she identifies as a hair junkie, she enjoys media studies, music, blogging, vlogging, eating, travelling, and life generally. She likes to encourage others through her various journeys and looks forward to making new friends and sharing her story.

While she seems in control of most aspects of her life, she, like every millennial, is still trying to figure stuff out and make her way through life.

“As people, and young women specifically, we tend to put a lot of our confidence and ourselves in general into what we possess, whether it be our hair, skin care, our clothes etc. and, while nothing is wrong with that, I felt as though it was time for me to find myself without that major source of confidence, which was my big hair.” Chloe-Ana in an interview with The Caribbean Current.

Chloe-Ana loves her hair in more ways than one, especially because of the versatility that can be achieved without altering or damaging her hair permanently. She decided to do the big chop in January of this year (2018) since she wanted to start anew with a tapered cut. She has been through many ups and downs with regards to her self-confidence, and cutting her hair all off was a big step in the right direction and the start of her journey.

“Finding confidence in yourself is way more important than just caring for your hair. It may sound far-fetched, but whatever you channel good energy into will flourish. You are beautiful despite and because of who you are, what you possess naturally and the aura that surrounds you.” – Chloe-Ana in an interview with The Caribbean Current.

Not defined by a hair typing system, Chloe-Ana believes that there are many characteristics – porosity, curl pattern, texture and strand size – that could not be limited to one hair type. However, if she had to choose a hair type and identify with one or more categories,  she would find her hair characteristics closest to that of a mixture between 3b, mostly 3c with 4a curls and a combination of normal and low porosity.

She believes that her natural hair journey has been indeed rewarding and she has learned so much over the years about patience and discipline and how those qualities impact her life.

Chloe-Ana told The Caribbean Current, “It’s definitely been challenging; I have had many setbacks as it pertains to my hair goals, but my consistency and hard work have snuffed that out. I have had the opportunity to try out so many different brands, products, and techniques on my hair which has propelled me to the position I am currently in with regards to my hair journey.”

Almost all naturalistas have hair goals and Chloe-Ana’s goals encompass adopting a healthier lifestyle and having healthy waist length hair with shrinkage and floor length hair when stretched. She is not too worried about achieving her goals as she has achieved many in the past on her hair journey and her hair has reached mid-back length while stretched.

She admits that while she ensures her hair is healthy, she doesn’t cleanse enough. While persons may notion that “dirty hair grows faster”, she believes that once the scalp gets to breathe, more hair will grow; just as the uncleansed skin will deteriorate.

Over the years that she has been nurturing her hair, she has come across advice that has helped her get the maximum results. She suggests that naturalistas should figure out and master knowledge of the characteristics of their hair.

Chloe-Ann Shares Her Natural Hair Secrets

“Once you figure out those characteristics, do your research. I have done a lot of research on natural hair using many websites and social media platforms, mainly and of course, Youtube.” – Chloe-Ana in an interview with The Caribbean Current.

Also, she advises not to limit oneself to just one technique or brand and while there are many products, one still would have to figure out the right technique and how to apply the products that work for them. Being a product junkie, she finds it hard, however, to decide on a single brand because there are just so many on the market. The top products she swears by includes the CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In – Conditioner, CURLS Creme Brule Whipped Curl Cream, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Eden Bodyworks Natural Deep Conditioner, Eco Styler Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Gel, Camille Rose Naturals Sundae Glaze and Jane Carter Solution Curls To Go Curl Cocktail. Chloe-Ana would surely deep condition for the rest of her life if she had no choice as she believes it provides her hair with much-needed moisture.

“Many people have recommended products to me, particularly gels such as Eco Styler, and for a very long time I was clueless on how to use them, and I would get horrid results. I was determined to figure out the right technique for my hair and eventually I did; now, a jar of gel is always sitting on my hair product shelf.” – Chloe-Ana in an interview with The Caribbean Current.

Chloe Ana is encouraged by many persons, one of which is Alana McPherson who she looks to for advice on her journey and considered her “natural hair twin”. On a global scale, she is inspired by Jewellianna Palencia (@JeweJeweBee), a young, vibrant blogger and natural hair influencer from Washington DC, because she has similar hair types and has healthy beautiful hip length hair. She is also inspired by Felisha Shugart (@CurlyGirlLachelle) who is a Georgian natural hair influencer with perfect hair and has an appealing personality and unique style. 

Her advice to persons wanting to transition or start all over on their natural hair journey is to be consistent, patient, and do a lot of research. There is a myriad of information out there. She also suggests to use Do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials for natural hair products and treatments which work just as well as the expensive shelve products in the hair supply stores; don’t limit yourself to one brand or technique. Chloe reveals that for persons who want to start their natural hair journey, they need to accept and understand their curl pattern, density, and texture and not hold high expectations brought through social media platforms, but just do what works for you.

“Nothing in nature grows overnight or without nourishment. Just as plants grow bigger and stronger the more you water it, the same will go for your natural hair;  all you have to do is figure out what works and stick with it, but also leaving room for changes and improvements along the way.” – Chloe-Ana in an interview with The Caribbean Current.

Like with all naturalistas, she is very grateful for the support of her followers on social media and friends who tune into her Youtube channel videos. She launched her Youtube channel and has been sharing her hair journey across all platforms.  If she was ever able to help or motivate individuals to start or continue on their hair journey she feels a sense of happiness in doing so.

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“It has been such a huge step, which has been incredibly rewarding, especially where my self-confidence is concerned. Not only has it pushed me into the arms of various hair care brands (as small as my reach is) but has allowed me to meet so many genuinely, ethereal people, especially young women such as myself. If your passion doesn’t push you in the direction of pure happiness, reconsider it.” – Chloe-Ana in an interview with The Caribbean Current.

(A naturalista is somebody who wears their hair the way that it actually becomes out of their scalp. … All things considered, a naturalista isn’t characterized by regardless of whether she is an African American with “natural” hair)

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By Alexandra  Daley



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