Chinese Diplomat Implies That China Is Not Colonizing Africa

China plays huge role in promoting Africa's industrialization: diplomat

The Chinese government and companies are playing a critical role in promoting job creation and industrialization in African countries, a top Chinese diplomat told Xinhua on Wednesday.

Rong YansongSpeaking on the sidelines of China-Africa Business Summit in Johannesburg, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa, Rong Yansong said claims that China's purchase of raw material from Africa is identical of colonization are "ridiculous."

He made the remarks in response to some criticism that China brings too much Chinese labor force and Chinese?Cmade products to Africa, saying "the truth is that both the Chinese government and companies are doing their best to promote local employment and industrialization."

Rong said local staff constitute 85 percent of total workers in Chinese companies operating in Africa, and cited the ratio between local staff and Chinese staff in Chinese companies in Zambia which stands at 13:1.

"We also find that the longer Chinese companies operate in Africa the higher percentage of local staff they have in total employment portfolio," he said.

"For instance, in 68 Chinese companies doing business in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Chinese staff account for one third in their 5 years of operations, while those that operate for more than 5 years hire local staff who account for more than 80 percent," Rong said.

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