Chemagne Martin Embraces Belly Dance as a Lifestyle and a Sacred Feminine Artistic Dance Form

Belly DanceChemagne Martin’s – Chemagne Dance – offers a unique belly dance program designed to help students to learn Egyptian Belly Dance, experience the many health benefits of dance movement, and grow and develop their dance skills. The Chemagne Dance program offers a fun, modern, and healthy approach to traditional belly dance instruction that is inspired by the foundations of yoga, pilates, and belly dance techniques. Creative expression through dance and movement is also achievable because Chemagne’s teaching method involves fluidity of movement, learning to move with the expression and rhythms of music, and improving on technique. Learn more about Chemagne Dance here

Do you want to embrace Belly Dance as a lifestyle and as a sacred feminine artistic dance form?

chemagnesilk11Chemagne Dance helps conscious, motivated, inspiring students to learn the feminine art of Belly Dance through healthy body movement. Learn to Belly Dance in a progressive, supportive, and encouraging environment.

Chemagne Martin is a prolific performing artist who has been working in the arts and entertainment industry for over 20 years. A professional belly dance artist, dynamic dance performer, and a brilliant instructor. Chemagne’s style combines years of experience as a dancer and yoga practitioner with a love for dance and movement.

Since discovering belly dance in 1999, Chemagne’s passion for dance began to change. She was so intrigued by the dance that she studied with Arabesque, Mayada, Roula Said, and Suhaila Salimpour. In addition, she took several belly dance workshops and classes in other dance forms like Latin Dance, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, African Dance, Classical Indian (Odissi), Pole Dance Fitness, Yoga, and Pilates.

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