Chelsea Stewart asks, Do you love me?

Her highly anticipated sophomore release is finally here

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Do You Love Me, written by Karen Stewart, is a playful yet nostalgic tune that exquisitely blends sounds of yesterday and today into perfect harmony.

Canadian singer/songwriter Chelsea Stewart does it again with her playful arrangements, honey voice and her heavenly harmonies.

Making Do You Love Me a question that can only be answered with an emphatic yes!
You can’t help but tap your feet. The music is just sweet.

The creative musical geniuses Delroy ‘Fatta’ Pottinder and Colin ‘Wrong Move’ Crossdale created the music behind Do You Love Me at Anchor Studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

Chelsea Stewart is an independent artist born in Toronto and raised by her Jamaican mother. In a recent interview she said, “Music was always being played in my house.”

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She commented further, “Even we would leave the house I’d remind my mom that we left the stereo on and she would say come ‘just let it play. It was always a nice feeling coming home to music. I never understood why my mom would do that, but I understand now that I am older.”

Chelsea was raised with many different types of music including— Cuban Jazz, Gospel, and African music.

“Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba was a heavy staple in my musical diet at home,” she said.

There are many elements of these types of music in Jamaican music over the years; from ska to rocksteady to reggae and dancehall.

Do You Love Me has elements of various musical genres including blues and soul music.

“I am thankful to the musical elders of Jamaican music who inspired Do You Love Me,” Chelsea states humbly.

There is no question about the love her audience has for this young starlet as well, just watch her shows on YouTube and see for yourself.

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Chelsea Stewart will perform her hit songs at Reggae Divas in Toronto, Canada on May 21, 2016.

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