Caribbean Travellers’ Series – Introducing the Caribbean:Quell Your Mind from These Myths

Caribbean Travellers’ Series – Introducing the Caribbean

Welcome to the Caribbean Traveller’s Series ‘Introducing the Caribbean’ being featured here at The Caribbean Current Magazine. ‘Introducing the Caribbean’ is a series focusing on the every need of travellers looking to spend time in the region. This is the sixth post in the series check out previous posts to learn more about these islands in the sun.

Whether you wish to dance to rhythms of reggae, salsa and soca or you want to have some drinks garnished with little umbrellas as you watch the sunset from a beautiful white-sand beach. It could be that you’re looking for adventure and mystery or maybe you are simply coming on business, ‘Introducing the Caribbean’ is the only guide you will need to have a great time while embracing the uniqueness and character of the vibrant and dynamic region known as the Caribbean.

Come – experience the region with pride in its unique history, stunning landscape, and influential culture. Welcome to the Caribbean!       …………………………………………………………………………

Planning a Trip to the Caribbean? Quell Your Mind from These Myths

It does not matter where you plan to travel; there are myths about traveling anywhere and everywhere in the world. The Caribbean is no different. Like everywhere else, there are a number of strange myths that surround travelling to the Caribbean in general. In this instalment of the Caribbean Travellers Serves, we will analyse and decode myths about the Caribbean that may be preventing your vacation.


Reality: It is indeed true that the Caribbean islands have experienced their share of crime and violence, creating a lingering notion that they are not a safe vacation destination. The facthowever is that despite this, the Caribbean is still a popular travel destination for millions of vacationers each year. Incidents of crime against tourists are often petty, extremely far in-between and almost non-existent. The mind-set is that since Caribbean economies are largely built around tourism, crime against foreign visitors ishighly reprehensible. Locals always remain warm and friendly to locals.

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Reality: The Caribbean has its own problem with violent outbreaks of tropical diseases such as cholera or malaria. The fact is most areas where tourists are expected are spayed or otherwise cleansedof viral parasites such as mosquitoes. As such, getting infected is highly uncommon.

However, you must remember to do your research to ensure that there is no outbreak of any particular viruses at you time of travel so you may take precautions (which may include vaccination). If you are talking g a child along with you, ensure that you take extra precautions as you should when travelling anywhere with a children.


Reality: It is also true that the Caribbean is a hotspot for hurricanes especially during the months of June and November. However, if you like to save money, this is the best time to travel to the Caribbean. While there is the risk of rain during hurricane season, the odds that you will get injured from a hurricane or storm are quite slim.

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If indeed you get caught up in a storm or hurricane, local authorities will make the effort to ensure that you are safe and comfortable during the period. Keep in mind also, that the Caribbean is a massive region. If a storm is threatened to one islands, you can simply go to another where the sun us still shining.


Reality: The question of expense in the Caribbean is often largely exaggerated. This is true for hotels, villas, rentals and resortsespecially. If you plan to travel to the Caribbean, an all-inclusive resort is one of the beat ways to experience the islands. There are also many activities such as rafting, hiking, horseback riding, snorkelling and parasailing that are included in the stay.

You will be comfortable, energised and happy, living in acosy, beautiful room, often overlooking the breath-taking sea. Additionally, all-inclusive resorts actually help travellers save money because everything from food and drinks are included in the price.


Reality: Again, the myth of danger. If you travel to one of the islands, confining yourself to the resort is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. If you do, you will surely not experience the beauty and culture of the island.

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It is true that illegal activities such as petty theft is possible, however common sense precautions will often avert such occurrences.  Crime is everywhere in the world, the Caribbean is no different and does notdeserve to be singled out as a region lacedwithcriminality.

These are just a small number of myths about the Caribbean that are propelled by people who obviously have no real idea of what the Caribbean is really about, bad press and simply speculation. If any of these myths have kept you back form making the leap, pack your bags, follow the recommendations listed here, and prepare for a vacation you will never forget.

Disclaimer: The is not responsible for any damages incurred due to following the recommendations listed here. Remember, these are simply recommendations based on common trends. Your experience may or may not be different. Remember to consult your travel agency before travelling to any destination.

By Norvan Martin

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