Your Caribbean Nation Medical Mission

Your Caribbean Nation (YCN) completes second successful medical mission trip in response to devastating Category 5 storm Hurricane Maria on the island of Dominica.

Your Caribbean Nation Medical Mission

Volunteers are slowly making their way back home after having spent the last seven days on hurricane ravished Dominica. A mere seven weeks since Category 5 storm Hurricane Maria made landfall on the island nation, Dominica still lies in ruin. The remnants of the storm, a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions unseen on the island in over thirty years when Hurricane David decimated the island in a similar fashion.

Dominica, officially the Commonwealth of Dominica is an island country located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, at the midpoint of the Leeward Islands. Crowned the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” due to its unspoiled natural beauty and lush the Dominica of today resembles a post-atomic bomb war zone. The island’s entire infrastructure crippled in wake of Hurricane Maria. Thousands of the island’s residents were left homeless, hundreds of businesses completely destroyed and worse yet were the tens of thousands of islanders left without food, water, and much needed medical attention.

In quick response to the medical needs of Dominicans following Hurricane Maria Your Caribbean Nation, an organization that assists the Caribbean in medical emergency situations due to natural disasters as a subset of The Caribbean American Heritage Foundation of Texas (501c3).

The first mission trip was conducted on September 30th to October 7th. During that time, a team of 32 health professionals saw over 800 patients in 32 villages and transported over 40,000 medical supplies. After realizing the ongoing needs, they decided to do another mission trip. This current mission has 14 medical personnel including doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, a firefighter and first responder. Areas of specialties include:

  • Critical Care
  • Dialysis
  • Trauma
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Emergency Response

The team completed their second mission in Dominica October 28th through November 4th with 14 medical professionals. This group cared for 400 patients, distributed 35 water filtration containers. On November 3rd the group coordinated a well check clinic at the Dominica police headquarters where 57 officers were seen. The team noted that more than half of the officers had extremely high blood pressure and were advised to see the Primary Care Providers immediately. YCN also collaborated with another medical group called HANDS international on that day with a well check clinic at the Dominica Fire and emergency department in Roseau.

Your Caribbean Nation Medical Mission

In addition to the missions, Your Caribbean Nation is working on ongoing shipments of medication and medical supplies. The vast majority of our patients were seen through the use of mobile clinics which were very effective in treating individuals who did not have access to care. Limited transportation rendered individuals unable to get medications that were lost or damaged in the storm. We are raising funds towards the purchase of at least one mobile clinic van (MCV). The MCVs would provide free healthcare to the citizens of Dominica by treating and delivering prescribed medications at the same time of their visit. Not only would the mobile clinic vans allow for the servicing of more persons but they would provide employment for local healthcare staff as well as help overseas volunteer healthcare providers efficiently deliver care for the citizens of Dominica. The mobile clinic vans would be of great assistance to Dominica.

With the second medical mission trip just completed, Your Caribbean Nation is making plans for a third trip to Dominica slated for late January. With a goal to make medical mission trips to Dominica a regular occurrence, Your Caribbean Nation is actively seeking for assistance from the international community.

Source: OECS



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