Caribbean Getaways to Live For!

Top 5 Exotic Caribbean Getaways

The Caribbean is a blend of many different places that suits the needs of different people.  In many ways, the Caribbean itself is a wonderful getaway from the rest of the world, offering numerous places where you can rest, relax, rejuvenate, and toast a future full of possibilities.  Here are a few places that serve the important purpose of relaxation and amazement:

The Raffles Resort: Situated in the Canouan Island in the Grenadines, the Raffles Resort is a spectacular Caribbean getaway.  It is spread over a vast area in the central Grenadines that offers a panoramic view of the whole locality for the visitors. The grandeur and the might of this resort are filled with many pastime activities. Being a large area, it houses a golf course near the beach for people to enjoy and give them a different golfing experience. Restaurants, night clubs and casinos are other prime activities to which raise our energy meter in this resort.

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Nassau in the Bahamas:  Nassau is unofficially described as the water world of the Caribbean by the natives.  If you are an adventure enthusiast, then Nassau in the Bahamas is the route for you to get your dose of adrenaline shot.  Nassau waters have a fine visibility range of over 15 metres under.  A natural occurrence called the Blue Hole is the reason for excitement in Nassau.  It is a natural hole beyond large dimensions which seem to be the fishes abode and for the tourists as well.  All the attributes of this place make it an idyllic locale for diving.

The Rick’s Café: This is one of the oldest escape coves in the Caribbean. It is beautifully situated on the West end cliffs as if it has tinted the hillock with its splendour.  It is not just the cliff that makes it special, but also the water below the cliff making it an attractive destination for the tourists. The marvellous combo of the cliff, the sun and the lustrous water swirling below sets scintillating atmosphere to have a drink with our loved ones. This is definitely an exotic place to spend an evening in the Caribbean.

Cap Juluca in Anguilla: If you want to feel secluded and spend the time in the Caribbean with absolute tranquillity, then Cap Juluca is the escape route for you. This place feels like another Caribbean bud in the Caribbean islands. Though it is very close to the hyperactive St Martin, it feels clandestine to be on a place like this.  It is a natural arrangement that is hidden from the city, but still with all the comforts that the city can provide. The luxurious villas and the yummy restaurants are here too, but they respect your solitude and provide space for relaxation of the inner being.

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Antigua Sailing Week: This is one of the most soothing events in the Caribbean, unlike your quintessential ‘jump up’ festivals such as Carnival or Reggae Sumfest. Such events serve as a reminder that the Caribbean is not just about silvering seas and foot tapping salsa but it also has a lot of energy in ‘sailing across the seas’. 

Sailing is one of the obsessions of the locals and the tourists who visit Antigua. The city hosts a Sailing Week in which professional sailors from all over the world partake and showcase their skills. The Caribbean being surrounded by blue waters all around values the sailing activity and hence shows no drop in the excitement and vigour for the event. 

These are some unbeatable locales in the Caribbean that help you get an escape route from the stressful routines of life. They say ‘the best vacations are made in heaven’ and the Caribbean adds a lot of meaning to this phrase.

By: Norvan Martin



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