Caribbean Cargo DC unveils innovative shipping tools

Launch of Web-Based & Text Scheduling Increases Customer Convenience

Lanham, MD (September 12, 2016) – Becoming an expert source for freight and logistics services to the Caribbean takes more than just moving cargo from one starting point to the final destination. It calls for superiority in the level of service being provided to every customer. This pride is the driving force behind the success of Caribbean Cargo DC; an international shipping company with local connections that understands the complexities which come with worldwide freight delivery. This Maryland-based company continues to make great strides in keeping their superior level of service.

Caribbean Cargo DC unveils innovative shipping tools

To cater to the customer on-the-go, Caribbean Cargo DC has enriched its service offering to include a personalized scheduling system. The company’s new Online Scheduling and SMS-Text Tools were made available this month for customers. With these innovative tools, Caribbean Cargo DC further ensures convenient, accurate and secure service to meet unique client needs. These enhancements will allow for reliable Mid-Atlantic service to the Caribbean and Central America.

Customers can save time by simply send a detailed text to 240.817.6400 or log on to and complete an online form to schedule pick-up or drop-off of their cargo. The upgrades to the Caribbean Cargo DC shipping system permits customers to book shipping reservations through any web-based device or SMS-capable phone. This means that customers can request appointments at any time of the day or night. This also eliminates the need for customers to stay on hold during peak shipping periods. In a busy metropolitan area such as Washington, D.C., saving time could mean also saving money.

By implementing the new scheduling applications, Caribbean Cargo DC continues its tradition of providing stellar service for Maryland, D.C., and Virginia families, officials and other agencies requiring secure and reliable shipping service to the Caribbean.

Source: Caribbean Cargo DC



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