Caribbean Cargo DC Pledges Continued Support of Hurricane Relief in Partnership with The Caribbean Business Alliance

Leading Caribbean Shipping Company in the Mid-Atlantic Provides Post-Hurricane Logistics and Warehouse Storage During Hurricane Reconstruction

Caribbean Cargo DC Pledges Continued Support of Hurricane Relief in Partnership with The Caribbean Business Alliance

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Only a few weeks after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria ravaged the Caribbean, post-hurricane reconstruction continues for Antigua and Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Cuba, Turks and Caicos, The Commonwealth of Dominica, Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands.

Mainstream news stations such as CNN and other regional news stations in the U.S. continue to feature the harsh conditions in the Caribbean. The world stared in horror while the Caribbean islands most affected gave reports of death tolls and structural damages.

Today the crippled islands work tirelessly with their neighbors and the rest of the world to recover from massive setbacks to their infrastructure in the wake of two of the worst hurricanes experienced in over 3 decades. The Caribbean Diaspora is busy with relief efforts powered by compassion for native isle and the need to stand together as One Caribbean after experiencing such great loss and tragedy.

Two compassionate members of the Caribbean Diaspora are Guyanese-born Royston DeSouza and his business partner, Ansel Hall, of Trinidad and Tobago, they are co-owners of Caribbean Cargo DC – a leading international shipping and logistics company based in Lanham, Maryland.

Most recently, DeSouza and Hall joined forces with Dominican natives Cecil “BJ” Lockhart and Gabriel Christian, Esq. to form The Caribbean Business Alliance (CBA): a nonprofit offering the Mid-Atlantic region a premier business-to-business networking platform.

During the nonprofit’s launch — which was sponsored by The Prince George’s County Office of Economic Development and the PG County Chamber of Commerce — the CBA co-founders made a plea for assistance for hurricane victims. CBA urged the business owners in attendance to make contributions to cover the cost of warehousing for local churches and other organizations in need of storage of relief supplies being prepared for shipment to the Caribbean.

The partnership between Caribbean Cargo DC and CBA raised money to cover the cost of three months of warehousing of hurricane relief supplies. The warehousing secured is at no cost to NGOs and other charity organizations that do not have space and resources to cover logistics for pending hurricane relief supplies.

Additional months of warehousing with extended logistics support are expected as Caribbean Cargo DC and CBA pledge to continue to raise funds to alleviate storage costs to those providing aid.

About The Caribbean Business Alliance (CBA)

Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area, The Caribbean Business Alliance (CBA) is an international business-to-business network encouraging the exchange of resources and ideas to increase brand visibility and community service.

About Caribbean Cargo DC

Caribbean Cargo DC, LLC is a licensed and bonded company registered in the state of Maryland. The company, which was established several years ago, is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. Caribbean Cargo DC was established by three enterprising principals seasoned in the shipping industry with solid reputations in the business community where they were known for providing reliable, efficient and exceptional customer service.



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