Caribbean Cargo DC, A Shipping Company That Delivers On Its Promises

Whenever you send a package, you need it delivered in one piece, to the right place and on time. Caribbean Cargo DC is a US shipping company that takes pride in being responsible and committed to the services they provide, placing great emphasis on the safety of your cargo.  Caribbean Cargo DC is located in the suburbs of Maryland and has been operating for more than 30 years.

Customer Satisfaction

Not surprisingly, Caribbean Cargo DC has received numerous awards and accolades from various national and international organizations for excellence in customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.

quotes1My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Caribbean Cargo D.C. for our household move from the Washington, DC area to Georgetown, Guyana. From our first contact with the organization, the staff was friendly, enthusiastic, and eager to meet all our needs. We received a detailed estimate within a few days and were invited to visit the warehouse, meet the rest of the staff, and contact the organizers of our move at any time. When packing day finally arrived, the Caribbean Cargo staff showed up at our apartment ready to get the job done and did it well.They were responsive to all our requests during the packing period and even laughed and joked with us, which made the arduous task of packing go by much faster. We were glad we chose a Caribbean company with knowledge of and ties to the place where we were moving. Our container arrived ahead of schedule and we were able to set up our new home expediently, Sarah & Musheer Kamau Rockville, MD/Guyana.

Essentially, Caribbean Cargo DC aims at ensuring the sustainable provision of safe, reliable, friendly and efficient freight services to the benefit of their customers.

CCDC - A Shipping Company imageGreat Expertise

Transporting cargo requires the greatest amount of expertise in the market. Caribbean Cargo DC has gained this experience from decades of transporting all types of cargo, including oversized / heavy, refrigerated, and hazardous materials.

Caribbean Cargo DC has all the expertise that are essential to perform as a reliable and affordable shipping Company, priding themselves on knowing their way around the Caribbean.

When you have freight headed to a destination in the Caribbean or Central America, you should entrust it to the company with local connections and an understanding of the complexities of every shipping destinations. As far as shipping is concerned, Caribbean Cargo DC is a shipping company that delivers on its promises. You may contact Caribbean Cargo DC at 301.887.1070 or 877.725.7555 or visit at



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