Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Joitza Henriquez  (Miss Aruba) is 22 yeas -old and she is currently studying Biology & Medical Laboratory Research, she hopes to continue her studies in veterinary medicine and become an equine specialist, eventually opening her own clinic.

Joitza Henriquez loves horseback riding, an activity she has even given lessons for in the past. She owns 5 horses, and a general lover of animals, she would also like to own her own farm in the future.

“Aruba is a small beautiful island known for its white sandy beaches and very friendly people. Besides that we have our famous carnival and our rich culture,” she says.

She does not like the fact that, “We ignore certain important issues, while we focus on things brought on by selfishness and greed. Issues such as child marriages, preventable diseases, should not be ignored.”

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Rosetta Cartwright (Miss Bahamas) is 19 years old. She is studying Finance and Business; she has aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder before branching out to manage her own financial services business in the Bahamas.

She is very ambitious and describes herself as driven and dedicated — two qualities which will help her realize her dreams.  She has worked in the Ministry of Grand Bahama and has volunteered at her local hospital, taking care of patients.

“The Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 islands and 2400 cays, each with its own unique culture, history, flora, fauna and flavor. We are interconnected as a nation by the beautiful waters that surround us, and we are a progressive people with a strong sense of national pride,” she says.

She is quite disenchanted by people complaining and criticizing and she says, “What annoys me most about the world I live in is that people complain too much, instead of looking at their situation and taking steps to change what needs to be changed.”

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Zoé Trotman (Miss Barbados) is 22 years old, she proudly says, “Hey Everyone! I’m Zoé Elizabeth Trotman and I am from the island of Barbados— The Gem of the Caribbean.”

She currently works as a sales rep and makeup artist, and even makes her own make up and skincare products from time to time.

She studied Accounting & Economics at university, but her passion is the arts. Her greatest ambition is to become a singer, and she would love to sing on Broadway. Zoé also sees herself as a potential envoy for her nation, and would be proud to represent her country abroad in an ambassadorial role.

She enjoys the music of composer Tchaikovsky and any book that ‘takes my mind to new places’. She loves to read, especially astronomy, and traveling and living healthy are also in her daily routine.

“Barbados is a unique little paradise, filled with a potpourri of exciting activity, a diverse culture and warm people,” she says.

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Raquel Alejandra Badillo (Miss Belize) is 21 years old. She describes herself as an outgoing, strong, and determined woman. She is currently studying Information Systems & Decision Sciences. She is passionate about technology and hopes to get a career in the field of information technology after graduate school.

With a desire to see the world, Raquel also plans on backpacking the globe, visiting as many countries as possible. “I grew up on an island, Ambergris Caye, right off the coast of Belize. The crystal clear waters, the white sandy beaches and the warm smiles of the locals are only a couple of gems my beautiful hometown has to offer.”

She could not do without The Wall Street Journal —she says, “I like to stay updated on the most current technological innovations. Assimilation is necessary in a constantly evolving environment today.”

Her most memorable encounter was when she met Lhamo Dondrub, the current Dalai Lama. “He was the guest speaker at Tulane University’s graduation ceremony in 2013. He said that during hard times, the worst thing you can do is lose hope. We need to use hope as a weapon to strengthen the pitfalls we encounter in life,” she said.

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014

Lillian Lightbourn (Miss Bermuda) is 24 years old. She is currently pursuing a modeling career in New York.  She describes herself as “gracious, poised and unrelenting in the pursuit of my dreams.”

She aspires to use her experiences to become a creative director for a successful company. In her spare time, she enjoys playing basketball, singing in her church choir and volunteering as a youth worker at her local church. Lillian also has a twin sister, as well as 3 older sisters and 3 brothers. Her personal motto is “Dream big and work hard.”

“Bermuda has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and friendliest people… an Island rich in culture,” she said.  She thinks that, “The most annoying thing about the world I live in is that people avoid helping one another and thinking only their lives matter.”

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Rosanna Chichester (Miss British Virgin Islands) was born and raised on Tortola, the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands.

She is 25 years old and was recently awarded a university scholarship, enabling her to follow her dream of eventually opening up a psychology counseling centre.

Rosanna is also writing a book about her family (titled, Triumph Over Adversity) and hopes for it to become a movie. Aside from this Rosanna is a confident public speaker, engaged in radio work, tutoring youths in public speaking, and is a member of the Toast Masters of the BVI Club.

She is disheartened by, “The unfortunate fact that we can’t be united and live in peace and harmony.”

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Natasha Sibaja (Miss Costa Rica)  is currently a senior medical student with ambitions of starting her own medical practice. Passionate about her career path, Natasha wants to specialize in oncology and to become one of the most qualified oncologists in her nation, to help people suffering with cancer.

She is 24 years old and was born in Pérez Zeledón. Natasha grew up in San Isidro de El General, where she currently resides. In her spare time, she enjoys active pursuits such as basketball and horse riding, as well as artistic endeavors including playing the oboe, and painting in acrylic.

“I grew up in a small city in the south of Costa Rica. It is a very peaceful place, and it is always green,” she says. “Being Miss World Costa Rica has opened up a huge range of possibilities to meet people willing to help others… I firmly believe in humanism and I work to better myself, my country and the world.”

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Gayle Sulvaran (Miss Curacao) is 19 years old and has her heart set on bringing smiles to the world’s children, hoping to embark on a career as a dentist. Currently at high school, she plans to gain her qualifications in the Netherlands before starting her own dental practice.

Gayle aims to develop charity projects providing free dentistry to children in need and those with disabilities.

“Curacao is a small island in the Caribbean sea that is known for its rich diversity in culture, folklore, ethnicities, warm and hospitable people. There are many adventurous water sports to try out, museums to visit, and walks and hikes to take in the beautiful nature.”

“The main issue I have is that often, as human beings, we fail to see the good in each other and are quick to raise prejudice. Instead of recognizing that together in harmony we would stand strong and are able to move forward and achieve world peace.” she commented.

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014“Hi! I’m Wendy, I’m 18 years old and I represent the island of beautiful waters who is Guadeloupe. I’m proud to represent my island to the international community.”

Wendy Metony (Miss Guadeloupe) is 18 years old. She is a graduate of the Fine Arts and has aspirations of a career in architecture. To achieve these aims she hopes to continue her studies in the near future.

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Dhio Moreno Romero (Miss Dominican Republic) is 24 years old from Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic’s capital city. With a degree in Social Communication, Dhio aims to be an international speaker, addressing issues of motivation and leadership.

An active person, she likes to practice yoga, play tennis and spend quality time with her family. Dhio is also a very talented dancer, skilled in a variety of disciplines. Musically, Dhio is a fan of lounge music, and she plays the piano. Her favorite cuisine is Japanese.

“Dominican Republic is a piece of land located in the centre of the Americas, where people are greeted with a big smile,” she says.

Note:Dhio finished in the top 25 of the 2014 Miss World contest.


Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Rafieya Husain (Miss Guyana) is 22 years old. She is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Rafieya aspires to become an entrepreneur, and hopes her studies will equip her with the tools necessary to be successful.

“My personal mission is to bring more awareness through education on recognizing the early signs of domestic violence. I am passionate about the things set before me and ambitious enough to accomplish the task at hand. I thank you all sincerely for your continued support you and please continue to follow my journey to Miss World 2014,” she says

What annoys her most about today’s world, “Women and children are still mostly subject to abuse and still being victimized. We should know by now that a civilized society should not resort to acts of violence and abuse to resolve our differences.”

Note: Rafieya finished in the top 10 of the 2014 Miss World contest and was one of the five winners of the Beauty with a Purpose Challenge Event.

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Carolyn Desert (Miss Haiti) is 25 years old, she was born in Haiti and moved to Miami at  aged 14. She has returned to Haiti where she operates her own Mexican restaurant she opened last year. Carolyn hopes to open up more restaurants, empower women around the world, and work on international modeling campaigns. She is passionate about social work in the community. Most recently she spent time feeding orphans in Haiti, as well as planting new trees.

“Haiti is the land of Freedom. Our country is beautiful, and so are the people.”

When asked  what annoys her most about today, she answered, “Poverty is such an issue, but I believe that it is because we have strayed from natural ways and relying on Mother Nature to feed and shelter us.”

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Laurie-Ann Chin (Miss Jamaica) is 22 years old. She hails from the city of Kingston where she currently works as a charity advocate. As Miss Jamaica she has spearheaded several initiatives, including funding an autistic classroom for a childcare centre.

She has earned a degree in Natural Sciences and one in Management studies.  Laurie-Ann hopes to establish a cosmetological business utilizing organic plants from the local region.

In her spare time she enjoys the arts, and is a skilled jewellery maker and painter of portraits and scenery. A keen dancer, she qualified up to grade 7 at the Royal Academy of Dance.

“Jamaica, also known as ‘The land of wood water’, is filled with the friendliest people and a vibrant culture. We are known for our flavorful, spicy food, reggae music and producing legends such as Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce,” she says.

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Anaïs Delwaulle (Miss Martinique) is 20 years old and describes herself as “a strong girl who fights for what she wants.” With a Black Belt in karate, you wouldn’t want to stand in her way! Currently studying Communication, she hopes to further her education at the prestigious CELSA Paris University before becoming a communications director for a successful company.

“My island is a little heaven in Earth with beautiful and various landscapes. We call it “Flowers Island,” she commented.

What annoys her most about the world? She answered, “The fact the media shows what they want and put forward the violence and the negative aspects of the world. Somebody scared is somebody who can be manipulated.”

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Tatjana Maul (Miss Netherlands) is a 26 year old fitness fanatic from The Hague, in South Holland. She is an active health blogger, promoting healthy lifestyle choices through exciting recipes and fitness regimes. She hopes to grow this into a wider platform, to help people get healthier on a global scale.

In her spare time she likes to play almost every sport, from surfing to kickboxing, and she has been a dancer since a very young age, teaching belly dancing since she was 14! She recently travelled to Kenya to work with an NGO on HIV/AIDS prevention.

“People who refuse to accept the differences in other cultures/religions and decide that theirs is superior to others, which unfortunately is also the cause of many wars,” she commented.

“Hello World! My name is Sarah Jane Waddell (Miss Trinidad & Tobago) and I’m 25 years old. I’m passionate about world affairs and hope to serve my country in the diplomatic sector. I’d like to invite you to visit my page and follow my progress!”

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Born in Trinidad & Tobago, Sarah Jane travelled regularly whilst growing up, spending time in Barbados and Costa Rica before studying in the USA. Sarah Jane is passionate about her country, and aspires to be an advocate for its development through a career in diplomacy.

She has a degree in Political Science and experience working in the Ministry of Energy, Sarah Jane has the necessary prerequisites to shine. In her spare time she enjoys Latin dancing, keeping fit, playing the violin and horse riding. She is a huge fan of Roald Dahl, and also loves reading books by authors of the lost generation, including Hemmingway and Steinbeck. She is also fluent in Mandarin.

“People are totally wrapped up in themselves. Smartphones have made it even more pervasive. There is such joy in meeting new people and people willfully opt out of this because they can’t stop looking at their phones!” she comments.

Note: Sarah finished in the top 25 of the 2014 Miss World contest.

Caribbean Beauties in Miss World 2014Aniska Tonge (Miss US Virgin Islands) 23 years old and a budding journalist. She currently writes for Live Inspired Magazine and is also a TV personality, hosting live events. Her goal is to become an award winning journalist, gaining national and perhaps international recognition.

Aniska also loves to dance; citing modern jazz & Broadway as her two favorite styles. She also likes to listen to jazz music, namely old school, as well as blues and a bit of country.

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