Caribbean Adventures Series For CXCs Primary Exit Assessment

Caribbean Adventures Series to be used in CXCs Primary Exit Assessment 

The Caribbean Adventure Series by Carol Mitchell is among the list of new books that the Ministry of Education in Montserrat will be using to prepare students for the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).  
2014 will be the first year that Montserrat will be replacing its local standardised test with the CPEA which is administered by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). The CPEA is a method of assessing students' readiness to enter high school in the areas of civic, mathematical, science and language literacies.   

Fury on Soufriere Hills is one of four books in the Caribbean Adventure Series by Carol Mitchell which has been selected by the Montserrat Ministry of Education to be used as part of its curriculum for sixth graders preparing to take the CXC Primary Exit Assessment.    

Carol Mitchell -FuryAs a part of this process, the ministry selected books by Caribbean authors including the adventure series written by Mitchell. There are four books in the series to date, each based in a different island, St. Kitts, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Montserrat. The books are designed to draw young readers in with secret tunnels, pirate ships, kidnappers, and erupting volcanoes galore, but they also touch on serious topics such as conservation and the impact of natural disasters.

"The students preparing for CPEA are expected to do book reports. Since this is the first time Montserrat is participating, the number of books teachers would have to read in order to effectively guide students was limited and since the libraries do not have 10 copies of any one book, the ministry had to assist here," explained Zelma White who is Primary School Curriculum Coordinator for Montserrat. "We were happy to see the size and content of the books with the added bonus that they are about children in the Caribbean."

The author expressed pride in the fact that the books would become a part of classroom work. "My intent has always been to provide books that portray the social and cultural practices with which Caribbean children are familiar. I am excited to have the children discuss the books and analyse the actions of Mark, Kyle, Ingrid and their friends as a part of their studies. I really hope that the Caribbean Adventure Series will make the assessment process both fruitful and enjoyable for the children." Learn more here!

Author of the Caribbean Adventure Series, Carol Mitchell  
Carol MitchellCarol Mitchell is the author of eight published children's books. In addition to writing for children, she writes short stories for adults and blogs on the website Some of her work is published in several online journals and publications.

Carol's life experiences have constantly stimulated her passion for creative writing. She is also a seasoned public speaker who is passionate about inspiring authors who write children related books.

By: Ursula Barzey



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