Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, Warmly Welcomes IWAA Honourees

TORONTO, CANADA, March 14, 2013 — The International Women Achievers’ Awards (IWAA) Gala is held during International Women’s month to celebrate and honour the accomplishments and contributions of women to communities all over the world.

The ceremony pays tribute to the important role women have played in making the world a better place for everyone. These women have distinguished themselves as prominent citizens and role models who could be emulated by both men and women.

The IWAA brings together women from various countries and recognizes their accomplishments and their dedication to shaping a better future. The 2013 Awards Night is dedicated to Youth Empowerment.

Canada’s Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P. states, “I would like to congratulate the award recipients on their many remarkable accomplishments thus far and offer my best wishes to everyone for a memorable evening.”

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario states, “This event is an opportunity for all of us to honour the extraordinary strengths and accomplishments of women in worldwide community development. I wish to extend my congratulations to today’s award recipients. Know that you are role models and a source of inspiration to your community and beyond.”

In his message to the IWAA, Toronto’s Mayor Robb Ford said, “It is important to recognize and celebrate the contributions and achievements of individuals who make a tremendous difference in the lives of many.  The personal commitments of these outstanding women go a long way in shaping communities that many of us are proud to call home.”

This wonderful event is hosted by IWAA. Princess M. Boucher, the founder of the event states, “I seize this opportunity to welcome the honourees and re-emphasize that your nomination is a manifestation of the extraordinary and remarkable contributions you have made to us all.”

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