Calling all freelance writers, business owners, leaders, and professionals

Calling all freelance writers, business owners, leaders, and professionals

We’re looking for freelance writers with an interest in the Caribbean to contribute to our fast growing online magazine. We are interested in publishing articles that you submit to us if they are representative of the magazine’s overall vision and values. We reserve the right to publish articles at any time that we deem appropriate and according to our proposed schedule.

One of our standard operating policies is to review the information you provide and then determine how it fits our publication’s schedule.

Your article must:

  • Be original and based on facts.
  • Be least 400 words in MS-Word format.
  • Provide citations where necessary to substantiate claims and quotes. Pictures, graphs, and diagrams may be used to highlight facts or make a clearer presentation of the article.
  • Be accompanied by pictures or photographs in .jpg or.png format. Pictures and photographs garner more interest in the article. Credit must be given for pictures or photographs used in the article.
  • Be signed and dated by the author and the author must submit a personal photograph.

Plagiarism will not be accepted, creativity and opinions may be used in producing the article.

In return for providing us with your articles and content we will give you exposure

Your article will be:

  • Published to our growing readership.
  • Distributed across Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and e-mail contacts.
  • Promoted by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Featured in our newsletter

If you operate a business or lead a charitable organisation, every article that you submit will carry your banner advertisement above the posting of the article.

Do you have a news story to share with the world? Then tell us. Your credible news story will be published on our homepage within 24 hours.

Please submit your articles and information to



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