Budding Jamaican author Anna Corniffe’s Heavy Crowns encourages you to accept the things you can’t really change

…past, race, true gender, previous choices, and seeing the beauty of them.

Budding Jamaican author Anna Corniffe’s Heavy Crowns encourages you to accept the things you can't really change

Anna Corniffe

“That it is okay to be who you are and come from where you come from. But still striving for better not just for yourself but for others and the world itself.” – Anna Corniffe.

It is not often that we come across amazing people starting from the foundation and building their way from the ground up. In this case, Anna’s literary concrete has helped her to launch a self-published book, which acts as a reflection throughout the beauty of life and all that it’s cracked up to be.

About Anna

“Anna Corniffe is a woman who is still figuring out where she fits in the world around her.” – Anna Corniffe with the Caribbean Current.

You would imagine that writers have that innate knowledge that this is what they want to do for the rest of their lives. One would agree with such a gift that Anna would have developed her writing, but truth is she did not start writing until high school. Owning her reality, she had many hopes for herself in her earlier years, profession wise, which included lawyer, pharmacist and even a pilot; however, her career choice was not set in stone. Fast forward, she started writing seriously, every now and then; it was at that time that she appreciated her skills and desired to get better at it. While Anna is now pursuing writing as a career and it generates funds for her daily living, she still finds it as a leisurely activity which puts her “in the right headspace for whatever she encounters” – the ultimate hobby.

“Writing is a career. And I think it chose me. I would also like to get more involved with the creative industry as well as investments and philanthropy… [As a budding writer] I feel like I owe it to myself and the folks who believe in me to do everything I can to be the best writer I can be.” – Anna Corniffe with the Caribbean Current.

It’s easy to make a guess as to who the person is that impacts her in magnitudes beyond comprehension. She draws strength from her mom who she believes is the strongest and most resilient person she knows. Surely we can remember how much our mothers and/or those who contributed to our welfare have made an impression on our psyche and molded us into the persons we are today.

At first glance you see a pleasant, happy twenty-four year old; little do you know that she has the determination to excel and achieve her goals. Like every emerging adult, Anna has basked in her many accomplishments and her most recent highlights were: having sushi for the first time, her first book reading for Heavy Crowns at Bookophilia, Jamaica and figuring out the path she wanted to take with regards to her business.

“I view everything I go through as a necessary lesson in survival. And up to this point, what I have learned is that my journey is unique. There is no one in this entire world that has ever stumbled through life the same way I have. So there is no clear path, there is no tried and true method, no one size fits all recipes for getting through. I get to decide what goes. It’s my path. I choose where my foot goes next.” – Anna Corniffe with the Caribbean Current.

The Montego Bay, Jamaica born never forgets her life lessons and lives in the moment as she lives out her reverie. She does not become enthralled by the rise in popularity as she remains humble and enjoys hobbies like watching movies, eating, making lists, listening to music, travelling and doing Buzzfeed quizzes. Of course, she loves to read as well.  Her top three favourite authors are Lorna Goodison, Maya Angelou and Warsan Shire, but she still has Caribbean favorites who have a way with words – Olive Senior, Cyril Dabydeen, Mark McWatt, Tara Downs and Mervyn Morris.

“I really adore [and am most influenced by] Warsan Shire, Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, Lorna Goodison, Maya Angelou and Yrsa Daley-Ward among many others.” – Anna Corniffe with the Caribbean Current.

About Heavy Crowns

Listening. Listening to others when they tell their own truth. This book isn’t just mine. It’s for everyone who handed me a piece of their life….. Poetry is my home. It felt right.” _ Anna Corniffe with the Caribbean Current

The book debuted in 2016, celebrating its first anniversary in February of this year, unassumingly exhibits her remarkable prowess for the art of poetry. The Pisces unapologetically released Heavy Crowns which has been received well by her target audience with great reviews and constructive criticism. The support from her family and friends regarding her journey has been overwhelming in a good way, and as a result she has become even more humbled and grateful when her readers reach out to her and express their enjoyment. She has appeared at various events to read excerpts from her book; the most recent event was her Heavy Crowns book reading held in Bookophilia on May 30th, 2017.

Budding Jamaican author Anna Corniffe’s Heavy Crowns encourages you to accept the things you can't really change

Whilst she doesn’t mentor, the opportunities to which she has been given to encourage women to write is indeed empowerment for the arts. Writing, she believes, is a great task which can be utilized for self-reflection. Think of how much more self-aware one can be after allowing the process of reflecting can transform one’s life.

“[Heavy Crowns] is about learning to accept the things we can’t really change (our past, race, true gender, previous choices) and seeing the beauty of them.  Learning to live with ourselves and everything we carry around with us. Learning to appreciate them as well.” – Anna Corniffe in an exclusive interview with the Caribbean Current.

Heavy Crowns is available internationally on Amazon for $ 5.99, the Kindle version is also available for $1.99 and also on Etsy. The book can also be purchased for about $ 1,500 (JMD) in Jamaica at Bookophilia in Kingston, Jamaica and the Rock House Hotel in Negril, Jamaica. While some books cater to all age ranges, Heavy Crowns draws in a teenage and older suited kind of audience; with this target, she hopes to get as many readers as humanly possible to experience her thoughts.

“I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” – Augusten Burroughs.

What’s Next?

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” – John Steinbeck

Is a sequel of Heavy Crowns in the making? Will she venture to novels and not just poetry? What other ventures are on the horizon?

While she admits that she will not write a Heavy Crowns part two, she will conceptualize a completely new idea for her next book. Writing novels is not out of her repertoire of abilities as she has high hopes that her ideas will develop and flourish into another genre of writing – this is her most urgent priority, debuting her second book – amongst other projects she has under construction.

“I am a budding entrepreneur. In addition to my writing career. I’m actually a bit hush-hush with the business at the moment. At least until I sort out a few things. I don’t want to jinx it.” – Anna Corniffe with the Caribbean Current.

You heard it here first, Ms. Corniffe is also an entrepreneur in the making as she looks forward to launching her business venture in due time.

Budding Jamaican author Anna Corniffe’s Heavy Crowns encourages you to accept the things you can't really change

Anna Corniffe

Her top three goals, in no particular order, are to publish a novel, to be featured in the Paris Review and live a good life eating amazing food which will tantalize her palette. During the next set of years and beyond, her readers and supporters surely look forward to great things from Ms. Corniffe as well as life changing experiences which will develop her artistically as a beautiful individual and a soulful writer. She is a very promising artist and with her attitude, determination and set of achievable goals, she will undoubtedly become yet another Jamaican made author of best-selling novels. Mark those words.

“Do what you love. Even if you only get to do it on weekends or after you get home from work in the late hours of the night. Treat yourself to whatever it is that makes you feel good. Whatever it is that gives you a peace of mind, do that.” – Anna Corniffe with the Caribbean Current.

By Alexandra Daley 



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