Bryan Art The Multifaceted Artiste – Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Bryan Art The Multifaceted Artiste - Singer, Songwriter, Musician

When we hear the term “love song” we naturally think of a song expressing romance or like sentiments, leaving out  songs of freedom, peace, motivation, hope, unity etc. that seek to caringly point people in positive directions.  A classic example is the great reggae anthem, “One Love” by the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley. In fact, the music of Joseph Hill, Dennis Brown, and Jimmy Cliff, on which many Jamaicans grew up, preached so much love that it appreciably became one of the defining factors of the reggae genre.

Music needs no help – take the words out and it is still complete. However, with the help of music, singers have managed to convey lessons, messages and joy to people of all ages across many cultures. The music that Bryan Art happily shares with the world on this self-titled album expresses love in all these forms. It reflects devotion to spiritual, moral, social, and emotional uplift of individuals from anywhere.

The multifaceted artist, husky voiced singer, witty songwriter and consummate musician deliver with passion and meaning. Born in St. Ann, Jamaica, just walking distance from Nine miles, the birth place of the great Bob Marley whose influence can also be heard on this album, Bryan Art just like the late singer, eventually moved to Kingston where he did Latin American & Jazz Studies at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

While in school Bryan Art was discovered by George Miller (band leader), who gave him his first big break – an opportunity to tour as guitarist and member of the “Fire House Crew” then backing band for Grammy Nominee Luciano, Sizzla and Mikey General. With that experience, he later became cofounder and bandleader of Bushman’s backing band “Grass Roots” with whom he did tours of several countries. When he wasn’t touring, Bryan Art was either teaching classroom music, or pursuing his long time dream of singing. He has also written songs for artistes such as George Nooks, Singing Melody, Bushman, Luciano and Etana.

To learn more contact  Executive Producer: Anthony Senior / AL.TA.FA.AN Records



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