Bob Marley’s Estate Prevails against AVELA

The estate of of Reggae music legend, Bob Marley, has prevailed in an appeals court in Nevada, US.  the Judge upheld a ruling of 2011 which awarded the estate US$2 million against a company called AVELA. The ruling also covers legal fees incurred by the estate.

Bob ImagesThe company was sued by Marley’s estate for using Bob Marley’s image on T-shirts, some of which were sold by major US Retailers.

According to one reporter “One of the things the judge considered was a survey conducted at a shopping mall. 509 passersby were shown a shirt with a photo of Bob Marley and asked, “Who do you think gave their permission or approval for this particular T-shirt to be made or put out?” 37% of the participants thought it was an official product approved by the Marley family.”

That results of the survey was enough evidence that the usage of Bob Marley’s images was not authorized by his estate. The judge cited the Latham Act which is the main federal trademark law in the United States.

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