Bill Clinton Fighting for Causes Around the World

"Being president is like running a cemetery: you've got a lot of people under you and nobody's listening." – Bill Clinton

The presidents of the United States are well known, some more than others. Among the world’s most famous of the US presidents’ is William Jefferson Clinton, more fondly know as Bill Clinton. Clinton's political life came to the forefront when in1975, he was elected Attorney General of Arkansas. Three years later, he was appointed governor, the youngest the country had seen in over four decades.

Constantly gaining strides as a political activist and feeling that he had not accomplished all that he wanted to do, he ran as the Democratic candidate in the gubernatorial election and was elected president in 1992. During Clinton's administration, the U.S. enjoyed more peace and economic well-being than at any time in its history.

There is much that is written about this former president of the United States and much that will be written in the future.  Here The Caribbean Current shares a little bit about the heart of the man known as Bill Clinton.

Clinton the Philanthropist
Clinton vowed to strengthen the health care system, the educational system, and, of highest priority, to improve the economic standards of the country and create new jobs in the process.
Today, Clinton's work both as president and philanthropist is well known. Throughout his political life, President Clinton has worked to make a difference in the lives of others, working to ensure that each American has the opportunity to fulfil his or her dream.
Clinton and World Peace
Clinton became a global proponent of peace and freedom when he successfully dispatched peace keeping forces to war-torn Bosnia and supported peace movements across the world. As such, he became very popular in a number of counties and drew huge crowds when he travelled.

William J. Clinton Foundation
As part of his philanthropic efforts, Clinton established the William J. Clinton Foundation with the mission to promote and provide for a number of humanitarian causes. The foundation aims to improve global health, strengthen economies and protect the environment.
Clinton and the Fight against AIDS
The Clinton Foundation HIV and AIDS Initiative works to ensure affordable treatment for HIV/AIDS is available on a larger and more integrated scale. Treatment and prevention programs are also a major focus.
Clinton and Climate Change
Al Gore, Clinton’s vice president is well known as a proponent of reversing climate change. Incidentally, this is one of Clinton’s areas of concern as well. The Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative provides resources to assist participating cities to begin to sustain their own climate change initiatives.

Through his foundations and individual philanthropic work, Bill Clinton has established himself as one of the most giving humanitarians to hold public office.  His work has and will continue to foster partnerships which will provide better lives for individuals across the globe.    By Navito



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