Best Selling author Simone Da Costa launches I am Beautiful Emoji in the Apple App Store

 …The Great Explosion of I am Beautiful (Beautymoji) Emoji

Recently, the Apple App Store launched I am Beautiful (Beautyemoji) emoji, a phenomenal emoj collection with a theme to uplift, inspire and encourage young girls and even women alike to confidently express and embrace their “Beauty”. These wonderful emojis have caught the attention of many on social media including Dove Philippines who also shares the same vision on beauty.

Dove Philippines and the Dove campaign for “Real Beauty” holds a firm vision to make beauty a source of confidence, not anxiety. Dove confidently believes that beauty is not defined by shape, size or colour; it’s feeling like the best version of you—authentic, unique, and real.

I am Beautiful emoji stem from the best-selling children’s book I am Beautiful: When I Look at Me, I See… written by Simone Da Costa. The book has a powerful message to uplift and empower young girls to embrace their “Beauty” and “Uniqueness”.

Best Selling author Simone Da Costa launches I am Beautiful Emoji in the Apple App Store

In an age of rapid chatter, emoji has become an evolution of wordless tongue and just like in-person talk, emoji illustrates our stance before we have spoken a single word. A popular trend that begun in, 2011 when iOS added an emoji keyboard, it quickly birthed a new type of language for many. Currently, 92 percent of all people online use emojis and one-third of them do so on a daily basis, according to Wired.

The twelve beautifully illustrated and meticulously designed emojis are vibrantly eye catching that screams Em∙pow∙er∙meant! For instance, one of the emoji says I am Beautiful, an image depicting a beautiful young Black girl gleefully hugging her reflection, exhibiting an infectious and deep love for herself and her beauty.

Another emoji I am Enough displays hands on the hips, head held high and a firm and strong disposition that clearly sends a powerful message of “I know who I am and I am happy with me,” Simone Da Costa.

There are no words to describe the I am a Queen emoji—but I will try to do this one justice. The remarkable I am a Queen emoji represents the many years of hidden Black history of whom and what Black people were and still are-royalty!

Getting your copy of the I am Beautiful (Beautymoji) app will expose you to these unconventional, yet phenomenal emojis which have already created such a buzz.

Best Selling author Simone Da Costa launches I am Beautiful Emoji in the Apple App Store

The use of emojis is called the new language of the heart, and, in this case, the new language for expressing and embracing your beauty is called I am Beautiful (Beautymoji).

About Simone Da Costa

Best Selling author Simone Da Costa launches I am Beautiful Emoji in the Apple App Store

Simone Da Costa

Canadian writer Simone Da Costa writes spiritual books, fictional & non-fictional children books. Simone is also a freelance magazine writer who has written for many North American publications. She was the Editor-in-Chief of It’s Your Destiny eMagazine an online Christian magazine.

A writer, author, and publisher, Simone Da Costa has published a devotional day planner Remember to Pray, a 2013 Day Planner, as well as three children’s books: A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animals from A to Z, Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm and her current and best-selling book, I am Beautiful: When I Look at Me, I See

As a passionate lover of writing she enthusiastically enjoys the wonderful feelings that she get from writing. “When I am writing, I feel like a visual artist, a painter with a fine paintbrush, who meticulously maps out expressions and forms which are made to manifest the expressive and conceptual intention of the artist. Writing for me, in a sense, is the same practice. It brings out a thought, a feeling or an image by using similes and metaphors to connect words and people and, in the end, to tell a story that will invoke a powerful emotional response,” Simone Da Costa.

By The Caribbean Current staff

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