Beauty of a balanced summer

Summer Time or more accurately put for our region (The Caribbean), the July-August Vacation is officially over. And it is back to school. Many are thankful for the needed break. Summer Time or the July-August Vacation is truly a much needed and valued time of the year. It shows us the beauty of working in some balance into our lives in many ways:


When we think of summer, we think of enjoying refreshing outdoor activities in the sunshine. We think of movement and travel, whether that is travelling as a local tourist to a beautiful home destination or visiting a foreign country and enjoying what they have to offer. But what about what we each have to offer to our world? What about each of us bringing out our radiance and shining in our given locations? To shine we simply need really to accept ourselves.

Beauty of a balanced summer


Reaching that point where we appreciate that we need a break is important, in fact it is essential. And this happens for many around this time. For balance we all need to appreciate the saying about ‘Jack’ … ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!’ and on a more serious note Stress kills! Stress is a part of life for sure. That is the exact reason why we all need to understand our existing stressors and practice good stress management,  and what better way than to take a summer break.

Beauty of a balanced summer


Imagine sitting on the beach and simply enjoying the weather, a good time with family and friends. Imagine getting on board that plane and going to the destination of your choice for a wonderful get away. Knowing that this is but for a time, it just makes you want to savor the experience.  This matter of savoring the experience tends to get lost in everyday life as we hustle from one thing to the next. Yet aren’t all experiences but for a time? Again in this way, summer shows us the beauty of creating balance.

Beauty of a balanced summer


For most of us, we return home with memorabilia of our summer time experiences. It is usually a wonderful experience to look back and reminisce over the good times. And so it is as we journey through our lives, we leave little memory markers for all we interact with closely for any period of time. They too will be able to look back and recall the times we have shared with them. As to what kind of memory markers they would be is up to us.

Beauty of a balanced summer


Summer or the July-August vacation is that break just before the new academic year and before the new financial year. It is a perfect time then for recall, review, and revision of the activities of the previous year. It is a perfect time to envision what we would like going forward. It is a perfect time to envision success, identifying what we would like for our future and how we would get there.

Beauty of a balanced summer


For some reason many of us seem to have little reservation about depleting our individual resources without any thought of recharge. For some reason many of us seem to have little reservation about depleting our earth’s resources without any thought of recycling or renewal. This type of unconscious living is neither beneficial to ourselves or our earth. Thankfully, summer teaches that recharge, refreshing, and renewal are really important. So may our time here energize resources!

Beauty of a balanced summer

By Kerriann Toby

Images by KarryOnServices

KerriToby BylineKerriann Toby holds a Master of Counselling and Bachelor of Psychology. She is a dynamic therapist, trained mediator; and educator since 2000. In addition to being a trained educator, mediator and therapist, she is a certified Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Professional. Kerriann has also trained in cybercounselling and holds clinical registration with Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) & Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

In mid-October 2015 she initiated operations of KarryOn geared toward the provision of a variety of enhancement and developmental services for the individual, groups and the organization; e-Coaching/Counseling, Mediation, EAP Services and the creative presentation of psycho-social information. She can be reached at:



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