Beautiful Belmopan the capital of Belize

Beautiful Belmopan the capital of Belize

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The city of promise is the capital of the very vibrant country Belize. With a population of 20,000 persons the Belmopan is seen as the fastest-growing center in Belize. It is also known as one of the safest cities; with a striving nightlife, well developed infrastructure and  roads,  not to mention several organizations and businesses catering to the needs of the people.

Belmopan features a tropical Monsoon climate; having Atlanta wet seasons from May through to February and the dry season from March and April.

Beautiful Belmopan the capital of Belize

Belmopan was the crowning achievement of the nationalist movement. The different groups in the city speak their own language, however the official language spoken is Pidgin English called Creole; nonetheless there are a lot of bilinguals and multi-linguals. Christianity is the main religion; most are Roman Catholic, Anglican, Baptists and Methodists.

Travelling into Belmopan via either Hummingbird or Western highways, utilizing the novelos or ‘batty buss’ lines for roughly $6USD, they take 1-2 hours to travel between cities. You can get around Belmopan by car or taxi ($5-10USD), but walking can get you around due to Belmopan being a small city.

The country’s capital is the official home for agriculture trade show exhibits from Belize in Central America, mechanical right music and cultural presentation amongst other attractions. Artists earn a living by selling their work at exhibitions and performing arts. Arts include sculptures, painting and punta rock music – which is a component of the national culture.

Market days are Tuesdays and Fridays in Belmopan when butchers, farmers, fishermen, artisans, furniture makers, and traveling tradesman alike gather to sell their produce, product and services, new and used furniture, appliances, marine products, and clothes.

The days of high trading are also accompanied by cookouts, making them easily the most sought-after event for shoppers. Imported bleached wheat flour, rice, corn, beans, poultry are daily staples, and while there are not much food taboos, soups and special drinks are assumed to have healing properties.

Although there are many activities in the country’s capital it remains a quiet city in which retirees in particular, reside in order to enjoy the essential services and breathtaking scenery as well as vibrant nightlife. Secular Holidays include International Labour Day (1 May), Belize Independence Day (21 September), Pan American Day (12 October), Garifuna people settlement Memorial Day (19 November)

Recommended places to stay include the Sleeping Giant, Pook’s Hill and Yim Saan and recommended restaurants include the Sleeping Giant, Cheers Restaurant and Everest Italian.

The Sleeping Giant

Beautiful Belmopan the capital of Belize

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Traveller’s Choice 2016, located in the foothills of the Sibun National Forest Reserve; it is truly an opportunity to be immersed in wildlife and wilderness. The hotel offers various accommodations, adventures and amenities to fit every resident and tourist alike who desire an experience with a difference.

“Guests are pampered from the moment we arrive at the stunning jungle resort until departure. We enjoyed our stay and highly recommend this resort.” – Reviewer from California, Mar 2016.

The restaurant offers American, Caribbean, Vegetarian, South American and Central American cuisine to cater to the most critical of palates.

Pook’s Hill

This unique hotel utilizes thatch cabanas surrounded by an ancient Maya site overlooking a jungle canopy.  Situated in the rainforest of Western Belize it is another recommended stop in your vacation plans.

“Pook’s Hill is truly a special place to stay. The cabanas are clean, comfortable, and nicely decorated with windows looking into the jungle and Mayan ruins. This is a must see for Belize and just spectacular! The roster of activities to select from: Caracol, Xunantunich, Barton Cave, Tikal and more. 100% recommended.” – Reviewer from Illinois, Feb 2016.

By Alexandra Daley



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