Barbados’ Best Spot for Succulent Lobster

One of the wonderful things about a vacation in Barbados is that exotic dining on the island is never a problem if you have a travel agent helping to find the best choice for you.  Packed with an array of choices from casual to fine dining there is virtually every type of cuisine in Barbados.

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Although most resorts and villas offer packages which include a dedicated cook, you may wish to experience the splendid tastes of Barbados through its world class restaurants as well as local fish fries and beach barbeques.

While these food havens feature a myriad of seafood, perhaps the most loved is the highly celebrated Barbadian lobster, a delicacy that is much desired due to its rarity and unique taste. There's simply no better place to get Caribbean spiny lobster than in Barbados at Lobster Alive.

Lobster Alive

Located at Carlisle Bay, just south of Bridgetown, Lobster Alive espouses a humble beach shack charmbut somehow maintains the elegant face of its upscale dining. With its laid back style, inside and outside seating areas are cooled solely by the soothing sea breeze, while tables and chairs are a mix of wicker and plastic.

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Insider Tips

If you’re planning to have dinner at Lobster Alive, the best days for the freshest lobster are Mondays and Thursdays, as that’s typically when new shipments come in. Lobster goes for a range of prices; however the incredible five-pound lobster feeds three adults and MJ travel Group will ensure that you pay reasonable prices.

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Like any destination, Barbados features numerous restaurants that do not deliver on promised quality.  For the assuming traveller, like yourself, it’s important that wherever you choose to eat make as lofty an impression as the cuisine it serves up.

This is where your travel agent comes in. With a wealth of experience, the MJ Travel Group has positioned itself as an authority on Caribbean travel, especially in top destinations such as Barbados.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about the specifics of your trip. MJ Travel Group will plan and organise your entire vacation from start to finish, ensuring that all the finer details are taken care of and that you get the best bang for your buck.

Are you excited about travelling to the Caribbean? Whether it’s to have succulent lobster in Barbados or relax on a beach in Aruba, let MJ Travel Group cater to your every need.

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