Bahamas Grateful To Support From Missionary Flights International

Bahamas Grateful To Support From Missionary Flights International

Pictured left to right: Tod Mowery, Vice President, MFI; Heather Comis, Volunteer Coordinator, MFI; Joe Karabensh, President, MFI; Sandra Carey, Bahamas Deputy Consul General and Jennifer Gardiner-Bannister, Area Manager, BMOT.

FORT PIERCE, Florida(February 27, 2017) Representatives from the Bahamas government agencies in Florida including the Bahamas Consulate General Office and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (BMOT)recently held a luncheon, Bahamian style,for forty staff and volunteers of Missionary Flights International (MFI) in Fort Pierce, Floridato show their appreciation to that organization, for their assistance to the residents of The Bahamas affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Persons feasted on signature Bahamian dishes including peas n rice, steamed fish and chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, toss salad, Bahamian pastries and homemade fruit punch and switcher.

Sandra Carey, Deputy Consul General, at the Bahamas Consulate General office “was moved greatly by the goodwill and generosity shown by MFI and its staff.  Their quick response and assistance has benefited the people of the Bahamas significantly and we owe them a depth of gratitude,” she said.

Missionary Flights International is a private, faith-based non-profit mission aviation organization that operates flights between Florida, The Bahamas and areas of the Caribbean that need emergency relief assistance when disasters occur.  MFI flies their work team, missionaries, families and equipment to and from the field for short-term ministry, while sharing the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ.

According to Captain Joe Karabensh, President of MFI,“MFI ‘stood in the gap’ for The Bahamas and Haiti and began praying and collecting monies and relief supplies,for those islands on Sunday, October 2, 2016 prior to hurricane Matthew’s arrival in the Bahamas, October 6-8.  As the eminent storm had escaped Florida, but hit The Bahamas, we were in a ‘first responder’ position to activate quickly, transportation, funds and hurricane relief supplies we had received from residents and business houses throughout South Florida, to distribute to those areas affected by the storm’.

‘In so doing MFI on October 8, immediately commenced relief to The Bahamas and has since provided more than 125,000 pounds of donated food and supplies directly to pastors, churches and the Salvation Army in Andros, Grand Bahama and Nassau,” he said.

MFI also provides 470 ongoing Christian missions in Haiti and Dominican Republic as well as render assistance to several organizations in Eleuthera, Abaco, Nassau and Grand Bahama.

Source: Global Communications, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

About The Islands Of The Bahamas

The Islands Of The Bahamas have a place in the sun for everyone, from Nassau and Paradise Island to Grand Bahama to The Abaco Islands, The Exuma Islands, Harbour Island, Long Island and others. Each island has its own personality and attractions for a variety of vacation styles with some of the world’s best scuba diving, fishing, sailing, boating, as well as, shopping and dining. The destination offers an easily accessible tropical getaway and provides convenience for travelers with preclearance through U.S. customs and immigration, and the Bahamian dollar at par with the U.S. dollar. Do everything or do nothing, just remember It’s Better in The Bahamas.

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