Bad Breed, David Tulloch’s hit play makes international debut in Baltimore, Maryland

Bad Breed, David Tulloch’s hit play makes international debut in Baltimore, Maryland

David Tulloch

Tulloch has been rising in ranks as a Jack of many trades and master of every one. He is known as a producer, lighting, sound and set designer, composer, theatre manager, director and actor. He is quite active in the field of theatre as he has written, directed and produced over twelve plays since he started his career. Highlights of his work include Border Patrol, For My Daughter, Bangarang, Trust and Call to The Cross, Boiling Point, 3Some, Risque, Second Chance, White Roses, If Walls Could Talk, Another Time, Another Place, Prayer Partner and Not My Child. He also worked with JMTC, producing Boardwalk in Broadway, The Glass Slipper, and Rockin’ Romeo. His plays have even gone on the international stage, his latest being Prayer Partner, For My Daughter and Bad Breed.

“We recognized that there is a market for this with Risqué as we destroyed boundaries. We were able to run for three months without direct advertising, so we had to rely on word-of-mouth. A lot of theatre in Jamaica thrives off benefit performances, and with Risqué we were not able to and yet it still did well. There was no clear demographic who came to see it…it was across the board. What we also recognized is that Jamaicans are already exposed to these themes and, therefore, we are just tapping into that segment. The people who will come to see  Risqué and now 3Some, are not coming to my other plays, so we just want to step up where no one else is going,” – David Tulloch with The Jamaica Observer.

Tulloch pursued his Bachelor in English and Philosophy, was very active in sports and development of his community, and was a teacher of Language and Literature as well as headed the drama department at the Wolmer’s Boys’ High School.

Tulloch has won four Thespy awards for the play For My Daughter, including Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role (Leonie Forbes), Outstanding Actress in A Supporting Role (Terri Salmon), Outstanding Writer and Outstanding Jamaican Play. He also won the prestigious ITI Actor Boy Award for Best New Jamaican Play for his play ‘Another Time, Another Place’, among others. The award winner has written from family plays to R-rated; it is his style to compose thought-provoking and target topics that others don’t touch on, thus bringing them to the stage. He launched his own company, Probemaster Entertainment, which has over the years provided employment and been the foundation of his theatrical works since the year 2000.

Tulloch produced Across The Bridge, under Probemaster Entertainment, which is a tribute to his mother telling a story of a young man whose mother passes and how he copes with this loss. He both writes and directs the play but on top of that, he is the lead actor alongside Leonie Forbes and other actors like Jerry Benzwick, Sabrina Thomas, Christene Marshall and Crystal Fletcher.

David Tulloch directs the international staging of Bad Breed, which will be in Baltimore, Maryland (July 15, 2017) and in Washington, DC (July 16, 2017) showcasing the inimitable talents of the troupe of actors such as Terri ‘Ms. Chin’ Salmon, Daniella ‘Ceeta’ Gordon, Micheal ‘Stringbean’ Nicholson, Ackeem Poyser and Maxwell ‘Bashy’ Grant. The play was conceptualized under the JamStage Productions brand which is a company Tulloch founded with Orlando Sinclair, a former director of RBT Productions.

“This partnership [JamStage Productions] allows me to spread my wings even further and do more. I will still maintain Probemaster Entertainment based on the projects being undertaken, so [the] two can co-exist. What will happen, depending on the projects on the table, we as directors will see where we go and which entity will handle what production. So it still allows me to undertake my experimental theatre projects… The formation of JamStage was also a big thing for me. When you put that together with all the work that was done, it was a very high year for me.” – Tulloch told the Jamaica Observer.

The play has been circulating through theatres in Jamaica since last year and the comedy-drama will be featured in an impeccable manner while tackling issues including father-son relationships, love triangles and marriage among other themes.

While he continues to be a well-rounded contributor to society, his most recent title of theatre manager of The Phoenix Theatre, previously called the Theatre Place, afforded a new theatre formation at Haining Road called the Blue Room. Tulloch says that this theatre seats eighty-persons with a stage as big as a small bedroom for those small playwrights and directors who can’t afford the expensive theatres just yet.

When he isn’t on the theatre scene he enjoys karate – he is a champion black belt at the tournament level. His business acumen afforded him the title of manager at Great River Adventures in Hanover, Jamaica. He is a gifted young man charting his way through life and has eminent talents as an award winning poet and singer – as if all what he was doing at the moment wasn’t enough. His multifaceted list of accolades continues, as he has also produced music and recorded his debut album entitled ’24 Chocolates’ which was released in 2011.

Tulloch undoubtedly is one of Jamaica’s best upcoming playwrights , and because of his pursuit of excellence and dedication to the performing arts, has been recognized through his oeuvre and achievements over the years.

By Alexandra Daley

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