Award-Winning Playwright David Tulloch’s BAD BREED coming soon to the DMV

Bad Breed in DC

BAD BREED is guaranteed entertainment, quality acting and top of the line performances.  You will enjoy this truly hilarious comedy.

Award-Winning Playwright David Tulloch's BAD BREED coming soon to the DMV

Terri Salmon stars in Bad Breed

BAD BREED is another hilarious comedy from the prolific pen of award-winning playwright David Tulloch and produced by Jamstage Productions. This production marks the debut of Jamstage Productions. BAD BREED is loads of fun and a belly full of laughter. The comedy is at best an intimately revealing and entertaining roller-coaster, featuring some intensely dramatic moments and elicits big laughs in its more comedic ones. BAD BREED offers a thought-provoking meditation on the struggles and sacrifices of single fatherhood, the cost of deceit, and the price of dignity and budding love.

Throw into the mix themes like class and social cultures and you have a rollicking mix up and blender. We see Wilfred James wanting to marry Jackie Lawson but is hindered by his son because his son still thinks that his late mother can’t be replaced. How the rest of it unravels will only blow your mind. The complexities of family, truth, love and opposition are prime themes for the piece. The production is also directed by Tulloch who has been chalking up plaudits and accolades for his multi-faceted works in recent times.

THE CAST: Maxwell “Bashy” Grant, Terri Salmon, Michael “Stringbean” Nicholson, Akeem Poyser and Daneila “Teeta” Gordon.

Now Playing in Kingston, Jamaica!

Award-Winning Playwright David Tulloch's BAD BREED coming soon to the DMV



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