Author Makini Smith invites you to Walk in her Stilettos

Makini Smith- crMakini Smith is an author, an entrepreneur, a mother, and a community leader. She has been featured on numerous platforms for her wealth of knowledge and life experiences including teen motherhood, divorce, relationships, single parenthood, and more.

She is a highly respected professional who delivers positive results from her actions. She will launch her debut book, A walk in my Stilettos, on February 15, 2015 at the Bata Shoe Museum in Torono, Canada.

Almost two decades ago, a young Makini Smith decided that she was not going to become another unsuccessful woman. Her dedication, perseverance, and belief in God channeled her through many difficulties.

A series of life-changing events transformed Makini forever — she now focuses on sharing her story in order to inspire and motivate others to carry on.

Having acquired the understanding that faith, courage, compassion, and connections are important tools to living your best, Makini now enjoys inspiring women to strive for their goals and become more valuable members of society.

Makini encourages women to, “Turn every lesson into a blessing.”

She also enjoys bringing awareness to local charities and fundraising events. Makini graduated from the SisterTalk Circle Leadership Program created by Karlyn Percil — a program designed for women leaders who want to help other women live a more empowered and elevated life.

Makini recently partnered with Linda Proctor with the aim of enhancing the lives of others and empowering them through health and wellness.

Her first published book,  A walk in my Stilettos, details her journey of struggle and how she has overcome adversity with grace. She shares her wisdom and insights in a transparent story of triumph. Makini’s story will strike an emotional cord and motivate you to change your life.

A walk in my Stilettos is published by Ahava Chai Publishing, Guelph, Canada. Ahava Chai is a premier publisher of fiction and non-fiction about women.


Makini Smith – A walk in my Stilettos




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