Author Betty Scott Promotes Sales Increases with her new book — Closing the Sale

Betty Scott 3Betty Scott is a dynamic sales coach and CEO of the Sales Coaching firm, SalesCoach2, in Atlanta, GA, USA. She has shared successful sales strategies in many forums and now presents them in her new book, Closing the Sale. As part of her mission to help business owners and sales professionals increase their sales, Betty shares useful tips on identifying and qualifying potential customers for their products and services.

Betty is a seasoned sales professional who has risen to the top of her sales career by utilizing the strategies outlined in her book. As an entrepreneur and corporate sales professional, Betty practices what she preaches and encourages business owners to follow the simple steps in the sales cycle from concept to execution.

“Selling is relational and so it’s important to identify the needs of your target market so that you can present your best products and services,” says Betty who has been attracting the attention of hundreds of small business owners and sales professionals seeking to increase their sales.

Closing The Sale Book by Betty ScottBorn in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Betty has lived in four different countries including the US, Canada, and Grand Cayman and is well known in the sales management arena. With Closing the Sale now available on Amazon, she gets a broader platform to motivate and inspire more business owners and sales professionals wanting to increase their sales and paychecks.

She says, “I get so excited when my sales coaching clients and business colleagues share their sales reports — showing huge sales increases — with me.”  Betty gleefully continued, “I once coached a high school teenager who started out selling cosmetics to her classmates and it was so good watching her move from selling only 5 lipsticks per week to 25. She worked her target market and blossomed into a lipstick sales guru by practicing the sales system that I created for her.”

An international Sales Coach and Motivational Speaker, Betty continues to share some of the struggles she has overcome while building her successful sales career and business. She dedicates one-on-one time with her clients helping them to set up their sales process from scratch or showing them how to improve on what they already have in place.

Business owners all over the world can now dive right into Closing the Sale (which is an easy read and filled with simple exercises) then start practicing the tips and strategies covered. Whether you are a stay at home mom starting out your first part time business venture or an automobile dealer striving to turn over your inventory very quickly, you will find several nuggets that will catapult your sales to the next levels.

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