Auntie J.J’s Coconut Drops – an old time favourite gets a makeover in Canada

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Coconut dJust when you are looking for coconut treats that satisfy both a demand for a tasty combination of ingredients and a promise of gluten-free, Vegan-friendly and peanut free goodness, Auntie J.J’s Coconut Drops based in Brampton, Ontario Canada, steps forward to fill your need.

There really is nothing new about Coconut Drops, a traditional Jamaican treat that is also well known throughout the Caribbean in one form or another. The sweet treat harkens back as far as slavery. On Jamaican sugar-cane and coconut growing plantations, the resourceful slaves would find their own unique ways of furnishing themselves with treats, using unprocessed sugar or molasses, and making the most of the abundant coconuts, ginger root, cinnamon bark, and later including nutmeg to create a delectable treat!

Janet mc-lean johnson“Until now, Coconut Drops have really not evolved from the original concept.” says Janet McLean-Johnson, Founder and CEO of Auntie J.J’s Coconut Drops. “Our innovative twist on tradition changes that completely, yet retains the authenticity that makes this sweet treat irresistible!”

Janet McLean-Johnson has combined innovation and creativity infusing a new energy into this old fashioned, simple treat that has remained hidden in the Jamaican and Caribbean communities all these years, and with the same traditional approach of using very simple, familiar ingredients, has incorporated new flavor treatments into what was already a great product. Now we have a treat that crosses borders and satisfies curiosity, indulgence and nostalgia all in one.

Some of our new varieties of coconut drops include:

о          D’ Original Crunch – Jamaican Ginger and spices

о          Maple Pecan Crunch – The best Ontario Maple Syrup, Pecans creating a                                                           wonderful fusion of Jamaican/Canadian flavors

о          Pecanut Crunch – A generous assortment of Almonds, Pecans, Cashews,                                                         Hazelnuts, and Brazil Nuts

о          Coconut krunch coffeeD’ Nutti Coffee Crunch – Infused with Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Dark Chocolate and Almonds. Nut free available.

Auntie J.J’s Coconut Drops are available at Custom orders are also available.

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