As The World Turns in the eyes of Sharon Corinthian

as the world turns


As the World turns

From whips and chains,
To the washing of our brains,
We’ve come a long way.
Yet, after all the knowledge that we’ve obtained,
The more things change
The more they remain the same.

As the world turns
The generations evolve,
But there’s still one conflict we can’t seem to solve.
The cycle of self hate continues to revolve,
For it seems that we refuse to let ourselves be absolved.

As the world turns we go from one extreme to another,
Thanks to the media and it’s propaganda,
Sowing their seeds of lies and deceit.
Causing our fathers to become restless,
Leaving our mothers feeling incomplete,
Fracturing the family unit till it becomes almost obsolete.

Media has now become social,
Allowing all to share their views.
But it seem the majority are just totally confused,
Creating a society that thrives on conflict and abuse.

As the world turns the new normal emerges,
What was once wrong has now become right.
What was once hidden in the dark,
Has now come to the light.
Gender no longer matters,
As long as we kiss before we say good night.

In the fight for survival,
Our daughters marry the paper,
Sparing no time for changing diapers.
Our children are raised and programmed by the system,
Consequently killing each other,
Because of a lack of love, understanding and wisdom.

As the world turns
We continue to blame “The man”,
But if we take stock….
We may come to understand and realize,
We become the victims,
Because we choose to victimize.

Police brutality,
That’s an obvious fact,
But our strength is in unity,
Not internal discord among ourselves.
The Reverent Dr Martin Luther King,
And the march In Selma taught us that.
Because of their bravery and selfless acts,
They fought without violence and took their power back.

As the world turns
The future unfolds.
Yet, it’s still wrapped in the past,
But it seems to be getting us nowhere fast.
When will we learn, that the pen is mightier than the sword?
When will we come together and be on one accord?
It’s a matter of urgency,
We’re living in a state of emergency,
We won’t win the battle by violence and insurgency!

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2015
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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