Are Your Feet and Legs Sandal Season Ready?

When the summer season arrives, it is natural for us to shed off our thick clothing and layered outfits. This also includes shedding all the layered footwear we use like socks and leggings to keep us warm during the cold days. However, when the summer season kicks in are your feet and legs truly sandal season ready?

Steps to Take in Preparing Your Feet and Legs for Sandal Season

  • Exfoliate your feet and legs.

FEET CARE- beautiful feetTo ensure that you will enjoy the sandal season with crack-free feels and smooth sultry skin, it is a must to exfoliate your legs and feet.

Products to Use: You may use exfoliating products like body scrubs to exfoliate your legs. However, it would be best to remember that not all commercial exfoliating products are good for you. You may have to test productsmany times to avoid unwanted harm like allergies.

Natural Home Care: You may also use natural home care methods for skin exfoliation like using natural body scrubs such as, sugar or oats. This will give less or even zero percent of allergies to you. More often, it will also give more benefit than expected.

  • Hydrate your feet and legs by hydrating your skin.

FEET CARE- foot massageHydrating your feet and legs is very important. The skin on your legs will most likely be flaunted if you love wearing shorts and sandals. In this case, keeping it hydrated will ensure that you will have soft looking and soft feeling skin that glows with the summer sunshine.

Products to Use: To hydrate your feet and legs, you may use hydrating lotions that help in moisturizing the skin. To select the best hydrating lotion for you, determine what kind of skin type you have and from there; choose the lotion especially made for your skin type.

Natural Home Care: As natural home care, you may also use sugar scrub, which will not only exfoliate your skin but also hydrate it. You may do this by scrubbing the sugar on your feet and legs and allowing it to sit there for a few minutes. If you have spare socks, you can also wrap your feet with socks to help moisture penetrate the skin. Just remember to wash it immediately after use to avoid ant attacks.

  • Make your feet pretty and cute.

Footcare - HydrateTo keep your footsies attuned with the colorful and lively sandal season, apply some colors on the nails of your toes. You may use colors that will match your outfits or the colors of the surroundings.

Products to Use: There are many nail polishes that you can choose from in the market. There are also nail polishes that not only color your nail, but also keep them healthy and strong. Select the nail polish that gives you more benefit than just simple coloring.

Natural Home Care: To make your nail polish last longer, apply clear polish to protect your colors from fading or cracking off. You may also apply essential oils before nail polishing to protect the nails.

These simple steps can ward off feet and leg issues before exploring the sandal season. When these steps cannot still solve your cases, you may need to seek for professional assistance like dermatologists so that treatment may be given promptly. Sometimes, there are foot diseases or skin issues on the legs and foot that can only be diagnosed properly by health care professionals, so be sure to check their assistance for unmanageable cases.

How about you? Are your feet and legs sandal season ready? Share with us what you do to prepare your feet and legs for the sandal season.

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By Liya Das



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