Are Other Races trying to be like us?

Black persons are known ideally for their curves, height, complexion, full lips, defined facial structure and of course the kinky, coily, or curly hair texture. While other races have their own attributes that make them unique and appealing, it is not out of the ordinary to notice that these races do aspire to have some of the attributes of the average black person.

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  1. Hair Texture

The hair texture of the average black person ranges from a type 3C to 4C. While other races sport hair textures ranging from 1B to 3B. Given the strength and durability, not to mention versatility of the hair texture of black persons, there are endless hairstyles to which they can master. This is admired and coveted by other races. There are many tutorials on YouTube of white females teaching the wider public how to get the desired ‘afro’ from their straight hair.

Youtuber Eskimohair (Video Link: used her flat iron, aluminum foils sticks and any oil to get her fro.

Unfortunately, a lot of black persons had something to say, one commenter in particular:

“Here go white people again stealing shit. You see the comments tho..? She’s cute, but if a black female would have wore it she would have been “ugly” or a “nappy nigger”. “Everyone wanna be a nigga but nobody wanna be a nigga. And don’t come at me with that “black girls wear weaves”, ancient Egyptians wore weaves and yes the Egyptians were black. They are always stealing everything, culture, music, men, hair, dance, and features.”

What is really the big fuss though? Black females aspire to get straight hair, so what is the big deal if a white woman wants a fro? Hairstyles did not belong to any one race. Why does this always escalate to a slanderous race debate?

  1. Fuller Lips

On average black individuals have naturally full lips, and while some persons don’t like this, other races try their best to achieve the look via makeup and lip liners or lip enhancements.

The most recent phenomena where this is concerned that is sweeping social media is the challenge by Kylie Jenner, who claimed to have naturally enhanced her lips by using a shot glass and got fuller lips.  As a result, most of her followers mimicked this wanting fuller lips as well and ended up damaging their faces. This continued to occur for some time In light of Kylie’s appeal to cease the Kylie Jenner lip challenge because her lips were ‘au natural’. This link is a video of how vulnerable and susceptible the teenage population is ( Sometime after the incident, Kylie admitted to the public that she did surgically get her lips enhanced, even though she created so much uproar on the social media.

  1. Darker Complexion

Ironically, some black persons bleach in order to get a lighter complexion, while races with a light or pale complexion take to the pools or beaches, surgery or tanning salons to get a darker complexion.

According to Business Wire, in 2003:

Ten percent of Americans spend on average $300 per year to tan indoors. This equates to a total US market for tanning of over $9 billion per year, and does not include the $3 billion tanning products market. Enhancements in technology and consumer acceptance are fueling the industry’s growth.

  1. Bigger Butt

Persons have been trying to get a bigger butt for as long as anyone can remember. Some persons were not blessed with such assets, so they either take to butt enhancements through exercise, surgery or buying butt lifting serums and pads. This is similar to breasts, where while some races on average have small boobs, they make push up bras, breast enhancement serums, pills or perform surgery in order to reach their desired cup size.

Persons with ‘big butts’ make YouTube videos on home remedies and exercise techniques to get bigger butts and persons aspiring to have big butts will follow, but realize that it  takes weeks and months to see results.

Others who are not as patient will opt for surgery. The average cost of buttock augmentation with fat grafting is US$4,077; buttock implants is US$4,580 and buttock lift is US$4,509, according to 2014 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

By Alexandra Daley



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