Are Black Women more Unattractive than Women of other Races?

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Black women being physically unattractive has been a controversial topic for decades and while persons of black ethnicity around the world make attempts to self-independence and growth, it is seemingly lowered by the negative inflictions posed to them by other races.

In 2011, Psychology Today posted an article entitled “Why are black people rated physically less attractive than other women“, by Japanese psychologist Satoshi Kanzawa, but after many hate-comments and bad reviews, the article was removed. Branded as racist, the article brought to light how persons have indeed found black women less physically attractive than other races, but why is this a problem? Since when did persons become judges in the ‘which race is better’ game?

Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and every comment, post, video, blog, etc. is very subjective, but when opinions aim to demean other races, religions, cultures, when is the plug pulled? How does one measure beauty?

quotesWhy would other races want to disrespect black beauty? Apparently it’s okay to talk about black people in that way and they do nothing about it. But something has to be done.” – Sophia Nelson, Founder of

Every culture and race has their own features distinct to them. Asians are naturally short and petite in body, Latinas are more curvy with bigger hips, Black women have fuller lips and curly hair and Whites have smaller waists and high cheek bones, to list a few features. But does it make them less of a woman or less attractive because they don’t have the standard image of most cultures? Just because an Asian has small breasts and not the big boobs of the black or Latina, does that make them less attractive?

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It is also observed that if the features of Black people are seen in other races it is seen as beautiful, as opposed to non-Blacks; for example, the uproar of Serena Williams’ picture that she posted on Twitter of herself in a close fitting brown leotard which regenerated comments of her having too much boobs or butt and how she is unattractive for posting that photo. However, half-naked pictures of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, showcasing her assets to the world is not scorned or deemed unattractive, when both Kardashian and Williams have similar body types – only thing is Williams did not enhance her body and she’s  Black.

“It looks to the overall issue of beauty, the beauty standard and how it affects women of color; these women are disrespected and emasculated day after day. It is racist and insulting to speak about Black female features, when persons are paying top dollar to get our features from our hips to our lips.” – Beverly Bond, Black Girls Rock

Although many articles are out there that state that Black women are less attractive, it is also observed that Black people in general demean themselves, as some of them speak against each other in terms of their own features. For example, in the movie For Colored Girls, there is a scene where two Black women are talking and one jokes “Youuuse uuugly” and laughs. Whereas in other respects, it is seen that persons are dating outside their race, Black men and women dating White, Asian or Latina as to say that they do not like their own race.

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Black persons also make fun of their own skin color and their natural, unprocessed hair. Bleaching is a phenomena that has been around for decades, where persons of ‘color’ who don’t fit the standard of brown or white, use skin bleaching and other abrasive products to lighten their skin color because they are too black. Another issue is that of hair texture; although there are Caucasian ladies attempting to get the afro textured hair, black ladies are looking to straighten their hair and add extensions and weave because their hair isn’t ‘pretty’ enough.

Notably, society praises one or more races over another, for example, Whites over Blacks, even if it’s dating back to days of slavery and oppression and that the abolition of slavery has not been fully accepted, it is a mindset that persons need to grow out of. Other races need to give respect where respect is due and races need to re-gain their self-esteem and independence without being victims of oppression.

By Alexandra Daley



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